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David Goyer - "Batman Begins" Movie Scenarist - Darkhorizons.com Interview (joss whedon mention)

Wednesday 25 April 2007, by Webmaster


Question: What’s going on with Green Arrow?

Goyer: It’s being written. I wish I had a more interesting answer than that. Just the writers started working like a week ago.

Question: You’re calling it Supermax?

Goyer: That’s a working title.

Question: What happened with The Flash?

Goyer: Look, The Flash was just one of those- - it’s so funny because it ended up happening the same day as Joss Whedon on Wonder Woman. We ended up a week later, two weeks later having lunch together, Joss and I. But fortunately, I’m in a place in my career where I can pick and choose what I want to do. I reached a point- - you know, when you start out, you just want to get a job or you just want to get your movie made or things like that. I reached a point, I don’t know how many years ago, where if I got a set of notes that I really didn’t believe in, I wouldn’t do. So then either I walk or I don’t walk or something like that. The Flash, I still have a great relationship with Warner Brothers. I turned around a month later and sold them Supermax. It just became apparent that we wanted to do two different stories.

Question: Do you find it frustrating working with studios?

Goyer: It can be frustrating but the blessing and the curse of working with library characters like that is you don’t own them. I have a number of original projects that I’m working on as well but if it’s a library character, it’s Batman, if it’s Superman, if it’s whomever, you don’t own those characters.