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Angel : Aftermath

David Tischman & Mariah Huehner - "Angel : Aftermath" Comic Book - Issue 39 - Buffyfest.blogspot.com Interview

Sunday 10 October 2010, by Webmaster

Buffyfest: This is Dan aka Bitsy and I’m here on the floor of NYCC with Buffyfest and we’re with David Tischman and Mariah Huehner who are the co-writers of the Angel book.

Buffyfest: How are you doing at the con so far?

David Tishman: Having fun.

Mariah Huehner: Yeah, we’re good. I mean we’re kind of crazed but we’re good.

DT: Busy day.

Buffyfest: Have you managed to do anything that is not con related while you’ve been in New York, Mariah?

MH: Not really. I saw my mom, that’s it.

Buffyfest; So you’ve been working on something that was originally based around someone else’s story (Bill WIllingham) but in #39, you’re gonna be taking over. It’s going to be all you.

DT: It’s a brave, new world with #39. It’s a world (dramatic pause) that James T. Kirk could have done. And I reference Captain Kirk and Star Trek because as I’d mentioned in another interview (once it’s in two interviews it’s research), as of issue #39... you know, Angel has such a great cast and a lot of, I think, Mariah and I, as writers and I think the fans as well... you know Connor is such a big character and there’s so much about Connor and so many things are happening to Connor right now and there’s also Angel and obviously Angel, his name’s on the book. The name’s on the cover, it’s about him. So we tried to find a way to get the best of both worlds and in fact we have the best of both worlds and we did that by taking Angel and getting him transported into the future.

Buffyfest: Tell me what you can about what the future is like.

MH: Uh... has anybody watched Blade Runner?

DT: Worse.

B: Are there any flying cars?

DT: You know what? There’s no flying. It’s a shit hole.

MH: Yeah. We really wanted this to be different than After the Fall. After the Fall ias hell is a very specific kind of LA. This is a very different, very bleak, very unpleasant, very demon-centric (because that’s going on everywhere) and Angel really doesn’t know this for a while so you kind of just jump right in and I think here’s an interesting juxtaposition between him and Connor. You know some of the earlier storytelling stuff definitely put the focus on the cast of team Angel. THis is doesn’t really do that in thae sense that Angel is at the center of this book. But there’s a parallel going on in the story that starts to get pretty weird and it has a lot to do with things that are upcoming for Angel as we near the end of this arc. So there’s going to be a lot of general stuff that he’s gonna have to deal with.

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