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Dear Santa, don’t cancel my show (alyson hannigan mention)

Rob Owen

Sunday 25 December 2005, by Webmaster

Now that it’s Christmas, and high-earning network executives are no doubt celebrating with big-ticket gifts for their families, TV fans have gotten some lumps of coal in their stockings leading up to this holiday season.

Fox cut back the episode order of “Arrested Development” in a this-time-we-mean-it precursor to cancellation. Fox also threw in the towel on new time-hopping murder-mystery “Reunion.”

And with all those November sweeps pre-emptions, the future of NBC’s “The West Wing” looks pretty bleak despite its creative resurgence (at this writing, how actor John Spencer’s death will behandled with regards to his “West Wing” character had yet to be determined).

Santa, after you make your rounds to all the children of the world today, if you have any energy left, can you work on this TV wish list?


The network that’s doing the most things right these days, ABC has hits on Sunday and Tuesday, although “Boston Legal” loses too much of its “Commander in Chief” lead-in audience. Yet in its second season, “Boston” has really found its voice, over-the-top and silly though it may be, as it focuses on comedy and political grandstanding over serious drama.


Not accustomed to fielding sitcoms that look a lot like NBC’s “Friends,” CBS took a gamble with new Monday night comedy “How I Met Your Mother,” and so far it’s paying off pretty well. Although not an out-of-the-gate ratings hit, “Mother” performs respectably and in time should draw a few more younger eyeballs to the network.

The show benefits from a winning cast - especially Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan - and even bland lead Josh Radnor has become less of a sore thumb over time.

CBS also deserves credit for giving “Close to Home” a second shot on Friday, where it’s predictably faring better than “Threshold,” a disappointing sci-fi effort that was destined to fail (just look at the network’s track record; CBS can’t sustain sci-fi).


This has to be a record: Fox’s “Arrested Development” has been on this save-our-shows list three years running, a testament both to the show’s quality and Fox’s patience in the face of low ratings and disinterest among viewers. No matter, those of us who watch and love “AD” will continue to clamor for more of the Bluth clan - and hope another network picks it up - even as the cancellation ax swings.


Mired in the ratings cellar after years on top, NBC can’t catch a break. Other than the winning “My Name Is Earl,” its quality series are struggling.

Moving “The West Wing” to Sunday proved disastrous, and, coupled with the expense of the series, will undoubtedly result in its cancellation come May.


After a huge premiere, UPN’s Thursday night comedy “Everybody Hates Chris” has seen its ratings erode back closer to typical UPN levels.

Despite these expected declines, I hope UPN sticks with this half-hour comedy that’s affirming of its lead family that falls somewhere between “The Cosby Show” and “All in the Family” without being sappy.

The WB

Against all odds, The WB’s “Everwood” survived the move to Thursday night, helped, no doubt, by the super-ratings of lead-in “Smallville.”

Now we just have to hope the network’s executives stick with this endearing character drama as they set their schedules for fall 2006.