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Douglas Petrie

Doug Petrie leaves ’Lost in Space’ WB project

By Michael Hinman

Wednesday 5 May 2004, by Webmaster

Changes Coming To ’Lost In Space’

A recent cast picture released to SyFy Portal shows a kind of drabby, skeletal robot for the upcoming The WB pilot "Lost In Space." But the Lost In Space Australia Web Site has a report from Dick Tufeld — the famous voice of the robot — that should calm any concerns.

According to that site’s report, Tufeld recently viewed a rough cut of the pilot at producer Kevin Burns’ house. Tufeld said he was very excited about what he saw, describing the pilot as "superb."

Tufeld, who voiced the robot in the original television series as well as the 1998 motion picture, said that the robot featured in the recent cast picture will not be the final robot that fans will see on television this fall. In fact, the new robot will be created through CGI, and the skeletal patchwork is just that ... skeletal patchwork.

Also, Tufeld mentioned that writer Doug Petrie is no longer with the "Lost In Space" project. Petrie apparently wanted to take the new series as far away as the original as possible, which created "artistic differences" between him and Burns, resulting in Petrie’s departure.

Because of that, Burns now has more artistic control, and the Australian club officials said that it could mean a lot more of the original "Lost In Space" will be worked into the new series. There is even word that Burns could be having the original John Williams music re-recorded for the new series.

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