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Drew Goddard

Drew Goddard - "Alias" Tv Series - He has written tonight’s episode #100

Wednesday 26 April 2006, by Webmaster

Drew Goddard Writes The 100th Episode of ALIAS!!

ABC’s Wednesday night lineup is now “Alias” followed by “Lost” followed by “Invasion.” That’s pretty much an all-sci-fi lineup. When in the history of the big-three networks has that ever happened before? Things are different. Next thing you know ABC won’t be airing football games on Monday nights anymore.

For those who haven’t heard, “Alias” has been cancelled and has six hours left to air. Tonight is the series’ 100th episode, titled “There’s Only One Sydney Bristow,” and it’s bringing back fave season-one characters Will Tippin (Bradley Cooper) and Anna Espinosa (Gina Torres). Will’s been back before. After leaving at the end of season two he came back for one episode midway through season three. My recollection is it was a pretty big letdown.

Anna’s been back too. The Cuban superspy returned for a two-parter in season four. Again, a pretty unspecial reappearance as far as I remember. But tonight is also the 100th episode. And to write it they got a top TV writers, “Buffy”-“Angel”-“Lost” vet Drew Goddard, he of “Selfless” and “Conversations With Dead People” fame (he is also joining the staff of “Lost” on a permanent basis next season). So this could add up to something plenty swell, yes?

8 p.m. Wednesday. ABC.