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Dude, Where’s my sequel ? (buffy mentions)

Clint Morris

Monday 19 June 2006, by Webmaster

The original ‘Buffy’ - and yes, I’m sure she does have a T-shirt and Coffee mug at her house, saying just that - Kristy Swanson got talking to UGO.com about the sequel to “Dude, Where’s my Car?” that never came to fruition.

“I heard a couple years ago that they were going to do that and it was going to be called ‘Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car?’ but that’s the last I heard”.

If the sequel rears it’s head again, she says she’s not sure whether she’d do it.

“It would depend on if they wanted to bring Christie Boner back or not”, she laughs. “I was pretty old to even be playing that part to begin with so I’d have to see what it is”.

She was also asked whether she’d consider reprising her role as Buffy (from the film) in a telemovie team-up with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Buffy”. (Just one thing, aren’t they supposed to be the same character? Um...)

“Wow, that’d be interesting. I don’t know. That’s a Joss Whedon question. It’s his baby.”

Just talking about the gal makes me wanna pop “Deadly Friend” into the VCR. Loved that film. Loved it.