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Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku - "Dog Sees God" Play Premiere - High Quality Photos 1

Monday 19 December 2005, by Webmaster

Eliza Dushku - "Dog Sees God" Play Premiere - High Quality Photos 1 - Gallery

IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-01-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-01-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-02-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-02-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-03-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-dog-sees-god-play-premiere-hq-03-1500.jpg

63 Forum messages

  • in the second pic, she showed a little bit more than what she wanted to.
  • Do I see what I think I see in the 2nd and 5th pictures? 8-O
  • Thankyou Whedon.info. I’ve wanted to see Eliza’s pussy for so long, it looks so beautiful, just like every other part of her.
  • WOW, is all I can say, what I would like to do with that sweet, sweet piece of poon....
  • Am I the only one who’s feeling a little hungry after viewing that picture? Yum, yum, yum.
  • Ooh MY GOD, you are all disgusting. I feel very sorry for Eliza! And it so disgusting you reacting all that, go get a girlfriend or something or a boyfriend I don’t know!!!
  • something seems odd.. see the black flowers by where her fingers are in the yummy pic? in the other two pics, the see-through band of the dress goes down her leg considerably past that. in the revealing pic, the see-through band apparently turns to black all of a sudden.

    is there something about the dress or pose i’m misunderstanding?

  • Looks a bit square O_o
  • I feel kinda bad for Eliza. I hope she’s not easily embarrassed by this sort of thing.
  • Man shes gonna die when she sees those pics... probably a good job she made the effort to keep things tidy down there or it could’ve been so much worse!!!
  • Its amazing the camera man could take a still picture ,with out shaking with excitment..LOLOLO.....

    See online : >Eliza Dushku-"Dog See’s God"Premiere-High Quality Photos-PUSSY DETECTED!!!

  • I thought this was the number one site for info and everything ’serious’ related. I can’t believe this website passes on these pictures. And everyone commenting that way. I find that to be such a lack of respect for the actress, who, from what we know of, must be mortified because of that incident. Really, I didn’t think this would be on this site with such an explicit title to it, to attract everyone who hasn’t seen those pics already. Nothing to be proud
  • You shouldn’t feel bad for Eliza, this is great for her. Most of my friends have had no interest in Eliza for the past few years thanks to the many bad career choices she’s made. I showed them Eliza’s pussy and their interest in her has peaked up again. The Internet is buzzing about Eliza for the first time in years, I’m sure her new play will now become more popular. If this is any indication of what a peak of flesh can do, she should show off her pussy and fingers crossed, her titties more often in the future.
  • I agree with Jazmin your all disgusting, and sorry but the name of this article invites the pervert comments your all making. Sorry not all comments are from perverted losers.

    On a side note she looks amazing:- and happy

  • Please Whedon.info, can you upload a closeup of Eliza’s pussy like PerezHilton.com? Everyone should be able to see Eliza’s pussy, even those on dial-up.
  • I’m not a perverted loser. I’m a huge fan of Eliza and love everything about her, from her personality to her acting to her looks. Any REAL fan loves the discovery of these pictures because it shows another part Eliza which is absolutely perfect. Thanks Whedon.Info for giving us fans our first glimpse of Eliza’s vagina and promoting it so even non-fans will be interested in her clit.
  • Am I the only one who sees an opaque beige/flesh color slip that stops just below her knee and is hidden by the last lace flower? You guys aren’t seeing anything but folded material and your imaginations...
  • look at the first pic, there’s a beige cloth that goes down below her knees. and in the first pic you cant see her legs under the dress because of that cloth. so yeah, you’re not seeing her pussy haha. i bet she’s wearing underwear anyway.
  • Compare the skin tone with her thigh and her hands, it’s the exact same color. There can’t be anything under there unless Eliza bought flesh slips that just so happened to be her exact skin tone. There should be little doubt that we’re seeing genuine Dushku pussy.
  • You sad lot! It’s a flesh coloured slip, and if you pay thousands for a dress then YES you’d damn well expect the slip to match your skin - wouldn’t be any point otherwise!! Go get girlfriends and then you’ll realise it’s all just fabric you’re seeing in this pic...
  • Christ. I’m an internet perv with the best of them, but most of the comments on here make me embarrassed to call myself a perv. "First glimpse of Eliza’s vagina"?? F*cking grow up! And I agree with whoever expressed surprise at the tone of the title. I get the buffy.nu (now whedon.info) newsletter in my email because I like to keep up with B/A/F stuff, and I don’t expect PUSSY DETECTED in great big caps in my mailbox, thanks all the same, even if it was anything worth checking out, which it’s not, since it relies on two major assumptions: 1, that she wasn’t wearing underwear, which from what I’ve seen, heard and read about her is totally unlike her; 2, that the totally see-through (in places) dress either didn’t come with a slip, which is very unlikely since they all do when they’re see-though, or she chose not to wear it - again unlikely, see (1). In short, an interesting pic that makes for a funny double take. But I think your fevered imaginations are all running away with you.
  • People need to chill and just enjoy Eliza’s pussy.
  • If you look at the first picture in high quality right above her knee and to the her right you can obviously see creased slip material proving that what appears to be Eliza’s naked thigh in that pic is really her thigh covered by a very clingy slip. The slip is not clinging however in the spot I indicated because of the way she is posing....she is standing with her left foot a little in front of her and if you look at her foot and her shin it is obvious that her knee is straight and not bent...the straight knee is what’s causing the creased slip material to the right....which means the second picture is just more creased material. Sorry guys...but that’s what you’re looking at. Guess those who wanted to see more are still going to have to use their imaginations...
  • Its fake people, jesus. Get a grip.
  • I watched the 3rd seas. of Buffy and it looks like Faith has no ’UNDIES’ in many scenes. So this is no suprise to fans of the show. When she was on Regis and Kelly she also had no UNDIES on. So whats the suprise..This is the ELIZA that we like.
  • my best friend called me from this party and told me about the dress and how she wasn’t wearing any underwear. it was done on purpose. chill out.
  • getting excited over a piece of material! what losers! I can’t believe you all thought that Eliza would go to a premiere in a dress that had see through parts and not wear any underwear! Oh dear me, guys, how about you stop wetting your pants over this picture now!
  • I’m glad that the fans can now see what only Xander got to enjoy, back in Season 3!
  • Oh my God!

    What a sweet, sweet, beautiful pussy!!!

    Please, show us more!!!

    I would bow down to Eliza’s wonderful lovehole and worship at her altar.

    Thank you very much for making these tasteful pictures available to us her many fans!

  • wow. she has a really beautiful pussy. she should show that thing off more often.
  • Eliza is soo freakin hottt!!!

    I know that the fact that Eliza gets normal red-blooded males all hot and bothered irks almost all the females here. Do not hate on her because she has a pussy that makes our mouth water! Maybe if you looked anything like her you would get a similar reaction from your husbands/boyfriends. I only wish that we could see more.

  • dudes, really - its not that special. first of all - you can only see like the tiniest of the tiny with respect to the area in question. So whats with all the "its so perfect" and "i wanna eat all that, its just like a imagined!" type comments.

    show some freakin respect. She aint Tara Reid for christs sake.

  • You guys STINKS!!!!!! I agree with everyone who feels sorry for her
  • Yipeeee!!!

    Christmas arrived early this year! Thank you Santa for providing us Eliza Fans this tasty errr tasteful picture that shows us what we all creamed, I mean dreamed about all these years.

    To all of you that claim that Eliza is wearing some sort of skin colored slip.....Bwahahahahahah etc. DREAM ON!

    That is 100% Grade A USA Cornfed Tender American PoonTang!

    She seems to take really good care of her sweet delicate pussy and maintains a very neat hedge. I wonder if all she has there is a "landing strip"? I would not care if her beautiful pussy was protected by landmines, I would risk it just to lick and taste/drown myself in her devine nectar. I could then die a happy man knowing that I had dined at the greatest tunatown ever.

    Sorry to all you ladies and neutered males who are so insecure about your own looks, that you are compelled to try and downplay this wonderful picture. Do not Hate, Celebrate! It is not Eliza’s fault that you all let yourselves go and look like the carnival bearded fatlady....Get off your fat azz and join a gym and then maybe your man/woman will want to do to you what the rest of us want to do with Eliza!

    Please, if there are any more pictures of Eliza and her beautiful mouthwatering boneinducing Hairpie...PLEASE post them!!!

    Thanks again Santa! You really made this a Christmas to remember!!!!


    All of us Normal Males

  • Look at the 4th pic (high quality version of the 1st pic). She’s obviously wearing a slip - you can see the way the cloth folds over her thigh quite clearly. Also, that doesn’t even look like actual real anatomy. Even if it weren’t completely obvious from the other pic that she’s wearing a slip, it should be obvious that that is either a trick of the light and fabric, or the fakest damn poon ever Photoshopped.

    There’s nothing wrong with perving, but at least admit you’re perving over something that’s not actually real.

  • LOL, your all sad. Get a relationship ffs.
  • Why do any of you fat ugly women in comfortable shoes keep denying that it is 100% sweet tender cornfed all american tasty poontang?

    Do you all think that by posting "no, no it isn’t...it is really a slip...you pigs are sick...Eliza has too much class..etc. etc." is going to get you anywhere? Will Eliza see and somehow contact you and have hot girl(Eliza) on beast(you) action???


    If only it was that easy!!

    Just be greatful that we all have the chance of seeing that perfect pussy of Eliza’s and look forward to more revealing pictures in the future. Maybe something that shows off her big beautiful bouncy breas.....errr.....funbags! Who here didn’t LOVE Charisma’s photoshoot? I bet there were alot of naysayers then as well.

    Face it, these women are HOTTT! You on the other hand are butterfaces at best and even more likely canidates for the Swan plastic surgery show!!! FUGLY!!!

    I wish I could be so honored as to service sweet adorable Eliza! I would worship her totally and lick every inch of her womanhood. I would make damn sure that she was satisfied and totally spent. Just the idea makes my head dizzy! Yeow!

    So just STFU and stop hating!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Those who can, do (& don’t talk about it in a public forum). Those who can’t ( because they are flabby & man-breasted; because they are unable to extricate the cheetos from between their buttcheeks; because they still live with their parents; because they are meagerly endowed; because they are terrified of women & all they can really do is talk about women in a mean way in chatrooms; because their entire sex life consists of looking at internet porn & jacking off; because they would really prefer to say vile things about women they see on the internet rather than interacting with real women; because they are sweaty, pasty 27 year old virgins)—anyway—those who can’t—well, they just can’t. No real man who is having a satisfying sex life would ever write some of the things I’ve read on this forum. You need to look within, guys, & ask yourself why you feel the need to write such things. P. S. Please look at the photo on the far left. The "pussy" (poon, cootch) you refer to is probably a flesh-colored slip. You all need to have actual women in your lives so that you won’t get so excited over a photo.
  • No, mirandajane does not rock. This person, and many others, is no worse than the people commenting about "pussy". Just another arrogant stereotype.
  • Mirandajane,

    Sorry if your man is a fat cheeto eating slob with a small crank. I guess you choose badly or that was the best you could do with what you had to offer.

    Your attack of those who post what almost all normal men with any sense of style and taste is really a reflection of your sad pathetic life.

    Face facts Miss Piggy, Eliza is one sweet piece of azz who continues to be a woman who just by having her picture taken and then viewed by many of us men still manages to get our desires fueled!!

    Do not resent us for drooling over what undoubtly is the sweetest poontang we have had the pleasure of viewing. If you are unhappy with the reactions you receive from men or women whatever the case may be for you, then I would suggest you do whatever it takes to enhance what little you have in the way of looks. Perhaps after a couple of years you too might get the local hobo to offer you more than a glance.

    Your tone certainly reveals/indicates a deepseated hatred/resentment of men who for most likely the aformentioned reasons find you lacking in both the looks and demeanor departments.

    This is Christmastime! A time of love and giving, not a time to be bitter and resentful. Fugly people like you are what hurts the world. Try to project a loving attitude and then perhaps you too will find someone who would be willing to drink from your cup of love.

    Eliza’s sweet tender pussy is a joy to behold!

    Thank you for reminding us why hott pieces like Eliza are so wonderful and beautiful. I only wish that I could rip me off a piece of Eliza’s warm inviting box this season!

    Merry Christmas to you anyway!

  • That is NOT folded material. Eliza couldn’t possibly be wearing a slip under that. I’ve been looking at all the 100+ pics from this event and yes, there are a few pictures where it looks like you can’t see the outline of her legs under the dress, but there are plenty of other pictures that clearly show the outline of her legs and every single little freckle on her thighs. There’s nothing underneath that dress, but if you want to fool yourself into thinking you can’t see a little bit of Eliza’s crotch, then go right ahead. Believe me, when I saw this picture, I had to look at every other pic and analyze it to make sure that I really was seeing a little bit of crotch before I got excited about it. Besides, how could a slip clearly show the outline of one thigh against the other and then the juncture between her thighs so clearly? I’m a girl, I can stand at the angle Eliza is standing, look in the mirror and compare to see if that’s real or not.

    I feel bad for Eliza that this happened and if she knows about it, she’s gotta be freaking out, but at the same time, she chose to wear the dress. She took the risk of having a wardrobe malfunction when she walked out the door in that dress knowing that it was impossible to wear anything underneath it. I honestly think that the dress was made for someone with a different body type than Eliza’s and it’s the dress not fitting her correctly that caused the slip to happen. Eliza has a long torso and shortish legs, the dress was probably made for someone with longer legs and an average sized torso and therefore the see through part would have been well below her crotch.

    And to all of you acting like this is some huge tragedy — there are worse things that can happen in life than accidentally flashing a tiny bit of your crotch to the world. The only thing this picture really tells anybody looking at it is that Eliza is very well groomed down there. Which hey, I think is a good thing.

  • You people really need a life.... and if your more interested in a bit of flesh then your not Eliza Fans.... your pervs .....
  • Oh my GOD!!!!

    That has to be the sweetest looking pussy ever!

    Eliza’s hairpie is the nicest pair of lips I have ever seen!! I wish I could eat her lovely gash.

    Thank you Jesus for making such a sweet tender piece of ass like Eliza.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  • That second pic is a manip. The slit of the dress is way higher than the other photos. It has been removed from most posting boards due to the obvious manipulation.
  • Hate to say this to fellow dudes, but she has a flesh-colored(light beige) slip. We’ve been faked out on this one. But she still looks very hot. Like most (when I first saw the photos), I though I was seeing her puss. But after I looked at it more I saw the slip, & noticed the very slight tone difference(it helps to have an artist’s eye), between her skin & the slip. That when I realized that it, I was seeing a crease in her slip, not her puss.
  • Nice! I so want to eat that!
  • YUMMY!


    Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus.

  • I *really* don’t think you guys are seeing what you think you’re seeing. Oh, and you’re all disgusting, just as a sidenote.
  • I’am feeling quite outraged by many of the posts put on this forum and I believe that anyone that even says the word p*!@y should be dealt with. I’am ashamed by a lot of you and most of you are men or at least most of you say you are, Have any of you ever heard of RESPECT, And any true friend or fan should not even contemplate taking a second look. ANY PROBLEMS WITH WHAT I’VE POSTED FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME @ Little_whimsical_me@hotmail.com And anyone who agrees can also feel free to e-mail me I would be Privileged to reply.
  • > Eliza Dushku - "Dog Sees God" Premiere - High Quality Photos

    29 December 2005 02:04, by commenting on this because i am bored

    to be honest I find the commentary I have just read very funny... erm where to start

    OK first off I am a normal 27 year old guy with a good job, a good toned body, a wonderful girlfriend, a healthy sex life and a good social life.

    a lot of people appear to be complaining about use of the word pussy, why? it is one of the nicer slang words I can think of and all seem to be used with wonderful/sexy etc etc, what word are people supposed to use on a website? ? "intimate famine area" or "down there" lol - please grow up it is after all a very common word

    Next - Men who like to look at the pussy of an extremely attractive women are quite normal - in fact anyone who does not is extremely sexually repressed

    Why are people complaining about the title ADULTS ONLY - I believe the purpose was to stop young people looking - stop wining

    People stating "she must be mortified" - how do you know? she may not like it, she may laugh it off, she may love it (unlikely admitably but possible) - Fact is that if you believe that you know how she would respond, if you actually believe you could predict her behavior then you are far more pathetic than any of the pussy loving posts, you need more of a social life

    ok I have said my bit only think i want to add is that if one of the male char of Buffy was caught naked on the beach or something and one women commented that he had a nice cock I really don’t think it would stir up all this fuss

    P.S. if you have a boyfriend and an internet connection then he looks at porn don’t delude yourself into thinking he doesn’t

  • Have to feel kind of sorry for her but I think maybe she’s the kind of person to not really care about stuff like this, maybe she will just shrug it off. Ofcourse she would have preffered for it not to happen but it has and there’s nothing she can do about it, other than not wearing this type of dress again (though she really should be allowed to wear what she likes without having to worry about someone getting a photo showing a little more than she wants).

    You can barely see anything anyway, only if you zoom in, so many people will just look at the picture without even noticing it (unless they read all these comments :|).

  • L.O.L.

    "Wardrobe malfunction"

    Yeah sure, whatever Miss Prudey.

    That is what we want to receive from Whedon.Info EVERYDAY if possible!!! Pictures of Eliza’s hottt sweet pussy are a joy to behold. Stop whining like some spoiled little biatch. No one wants to hear your holier than thou rants. Quite frankly no one cares what you think nor want!! So, just deal with it.

    We love to see PUSSY and to have the opportunity to view Eliza’s hott quim makes us all glad to live in America!! What are you? Some screwy Anti-American?

    Stop hating us because we are normal pussy loving men.

    Thank you for providing us with Eliza’s pussy picture.

  • Besides, how could a slip clearly show the outline of one thigh against the other and then the juncture between her thighs so clearly? I’m a girl, I can stand at the angle Eliza is standing, look in the mirror and compare to see if that’s real or not.

    LMFAO. What kind of loser would go through so much trouble just so they can prove that Eliza might be showing a little more than she’d ever want a bunch of low-lifes like you to see? Wow. You guys are so pathetic it’s almost funny.

  • Waaah waaaaaaaaaahh waaaaaaaaaahhh!


    Shut the f up already!!

    Nobody wants to hear/read you warthogs’ whining about us normal red blooded men praising Eliza and her sweet tender poontang.

    None of us really care what your opinions are nor do we wish to see them here.

    What we really really want is more pictures of Eliza’s love gash and pictures of her sweatermeat!

    We LOVE ELIZA and EVERYTHING about her!

    So just STFU and learn what it takes to please a man so that you will be too busy to poke your snout in here to complain.

    Thank me,

    You are welcome.


  • Rock on,Anne.Couldn’t have said it better myself
  • > Eliza Dushku - "Dog Sees God" Premiere - High Quality Photos

    4 January 2006 14:31, by The King of NY
    My cousin was at this party and she schmoozes with Hollywood types all the time. She does PR work and it’s her job to make the stars look good. Anyway......she too saw people taking her pic and noticed Eliza’s pussy when she moved certain ways....only when (like in the photos) she either was sideways or someone was against her pulling the see-thru/lace parts of the dress left to right. She went up to Eliza and talked to her.....woman to woman....they went into the restroom and my cousin was right....when moved, the dress revealed her "goodies." Eliza had no undies....no bra or panties. Eliza told my cousin (as an off the cuff remark, they didn’t have a full blown discussion about it) that she doesn’t like to wear it and won’t if she doesn’t have to or if she can get away with it but being in the public eye it hard at times. So for the rest of the night Eliza was keeping an eye on it and being more careful. She actually had a good laugh over it saying things about the internet and wondered if any pix of her like that will be there. I guess they are. :-)
  • Thanks for Eliza’s pussy!!! I hope she shows it off more often in the future!!!
  • Nice pussy. :p
  • You all are idiots. She is wearing a skin tone slip.
  • That is the best pussy I’ve ever seen.
  • thanks 4 the clit slip!
  • Hah, all these people must have felt like idiots when the others pictures of this event became available.