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Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku - "Truth Tour" DVD Launch Party By Usher - Good Quality Photos 1

Tuesday 18 October 2005, by Webmaster

Eliza Dushku - "Truth Tour" DVD Launch Party By Usher - Good Quality Photos 1 - Gallery

IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-truth-tour-DVD-launch-party-by-usher-gq-01.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-truth-tour-DVD-launch-party-by-usher-gq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-truth-tour-DVD-launch-party-by-usher-gq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-truth-tour-DVD-launch-party-by-usher-gq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/eliza-dushku-truth-tour-DVD-launch-party-by-usher-gq-05.jpg

8 Forum messages

  • She’s looking old!
  • No she’s not looking old, she’s GORGEOUS as ever. And I don’t think that anyone noticed but she died her hair a little blonde. Now we know that City Hall, her upcoming character in "Nobel Son" is blonde.
  • I agree with Anonymous, I think she is looking old too! Why does it seem like you have to be a size "0" to be beautiful. I think that sh!t is ugly as hell. I liked her much better when she had some meat on her bones. She wasn’t fat, she was healthy and anybody who can’t see that has a problem. I thought men liked women with a little shape, not just straight up and down and skinny. *UGH* I think that Eliza has been looking a little on the sick side lately but that could just be me. I know what its like to be thin though. I’m 5’3 and 120lb but I do NOT look like that girl. EAT SOMETHING ELIZA!! lol
  • Giggles, who told you men liked women with meat on their bones? It was probably a woman and she was delusional. The ouftit ED is wearing is not all that but she has been looking okay lately like in the Bostson Convention pictures. People forget that she was 17, 18 when she first started on Buffy she not only looked young she WAS young. She is just growing into her adult features now.
  • Anonymous, you must be a white person because it seems like only white people like extra skinny women LOL! (No offense, I swear I’m not a racist!) And for your F.Y.I. every MALE that I have spoken to like women that are more than a size "1". They like a little a$$, a little tits, and some hips. If anyone is delusional, its YOU lol! Dushku, has definitley changed over the past few months and not for the better, IN MY OPINION! This is just what I think. Just like you have the right to state your opinion, I have the right to state mine. And anyway, this is a forum, we are suppose to disagree lol. If each and everyone of us thought the same thing this would be pretty damn boring lol! ( I’m just having fun, stop being so damn defensive over this girl!)
  • Wait.....there is someone *not* white posting a Buffy board...LMFAO
  • I think she looks fine except for too much damn make-up. And I don’t much care for the outfit. Give me Eliza clean-faced with her natural hair (perhaps in a pony-tail) with T-shirt and jeans and sneakers and I’m happy.

    And I like the new lean mean Eliza. That baby-fat phase just wasn’t her. I’m sure that some guys liked her more voluptous look in "Tru Calling" ("boobies for days!", as Richard Pryor would say) but I see her more as a heroine than a sex-doll.

  • People who talk shit are just jealous because they don’t look as good as Eliza does. You guys are obviously here because you’re a fan, right? If she said something like that to you, you would probably say she was stuck up and a bitch! I’m sure she’s read a few of these comments, maybe on another website or something because at the Boston Wizard World Convention in October, she did say that although she didn’t let it get to her, the constant scrutiny was sometimes trying, such as being called too fat, or too skinny, in the media. If you’re just here to rag on her, get lost! No one wants to hear it. Or at least post a pic of yourself so we can say what we think about you!