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Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku - "Wrong Turn 2" Movie without the young actress

Erik Davis

Tuesday 9 May 2006, by Webmaster

There’s nothing I enjoy more than reporting casting for a bad sequel that’s heading straight to DVD. Usually, I’d make a few jokes here but, in this film’s case, I don’t really need to say much ... in fact, its title says it all. Henry Rollins (Remember him?) has signed on to co-star in Wrong Turn 2: An Even Wronger Turn. Okay, that’s not the actual title, but I had to slip at least one joke into this first paragraph.

Rollins, who currently hosts his own show on IFC, has appeared in some weird roles over the years. From Lost Highway to Johnny Mnemonic to Feast, the ex-rocker turned spoken word guru has apparently done it all .... but with little recognition. Now he’s taking it to the next level of "I still need to pay my rent" by accepting a role in the sequel to a movie that no one really watched. (Well, except for a bunch of horny teenage boys who saw the name Eliza Dushku in the credits.)

Directed by Joe Lynch, Wrong Turn 2 will reportedly be a prequel to the first one. The story (seriously, does it matter if Eliza isn’t in it?) is said to revolve around the parents of those in-bred freaks from the original. Lovely. However, for those of you who dig Rollins’ IFC show, on May 13th he interviews one of my favorite writer/directors, P.T. Anderson, as well as a performance by Aimee Mann. Now, that I will actually watch.

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