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Erica Durance is Superman’s new lady !

Thursday 15 July 2004, by xanderbnd

Actress Erica Durance is all set to step into the shoes of Superman’s lady love Lois Lane.

According to the New York Post, Durance will be seen in Warner Brothers’ "Smallville" as a college fresher who has no interest in journalism yet.

"Smallville" is one of The WB’s most popular shows that follows the adventures of a super-powered, teenaged Clark Kent (Tom Welling) before he becomes Superman.

"Of all the different female leads in comics, Lois Lane was always my favourite because she was so involved," the paper quoted Durance as saying.

"I know that Superman was the one who did all the big stuff, but Lois Lane was always in there, she wasn’t just this female waiting for someone to help her - at least that’s the impression that I always got," she added.(ANI)