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Joss Whedon

Ew.com’s ode to Joss Whedon’s birthday

Thursday 24 June 2010, by Webmaster

As a kid, did you ever have that dream where you woke up and found out you missed Christmas? My nightmare came true today when I looked at my self-made pop culture calendar in Google at 5 p.m. and realized Joss Whedon turned 46 today.

I know, at this point, the party is over. The birthday song has been sung, and all that remains of the celebration is the icing ring on a piece of cardboard where a cake once was. But below, you make take part in pretty much the greatest and most important poll ever to grace the pixels of EW.com.

You might notice that in my poll asking “What is Joss Whedon’s best work?” I have not included a cop out answer (like ”Everything he does is amazing”). I’m forcing you to choose. Yes, forcing you. And don’t count Buffy the winner too soon. I actually know someone who loves Joss Whedon and has never seen the series. I’ll bring her over here one day so we can pelt her with fruit. Meanwhile, vote away, Whedonites. And celebrate tonight with a marathon of your choosing.

Click on the link to vote :