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Buffy : Season 8

Georges Jeanty - "Buffy : Season 8" Comic Book - Issue 33 - Slayalive.com Q&A

Friday 2 April 2010, by Webmaster

1. Charles: When Faith hears Twilight/Angel speaking in his natural, she appears to recognize it faster then Giles or Andrew does and looks very upset. Is that right or am I mis-reading her facial expression there?

Georges: I know Faith is upset at Giles because he already knew about all this, and it’s only now catching up to him. There’s a lot of backstory here so I don’t want to say too much. I could see Faith suspecting because she’s confided in Angel before and she has a keen street vibe that would start her Spidey sense tingling. That’s my guess.

2. Michelle Klarman: On your last Q&A, you mentioned that with the reveal of Twilight as Angel, you focused prominently on Angel’s face and that you spent a lot of time getting other faces right; Since Angel has played such an important role in Buffy’s life, I would imagine there would be such a mix of emotions coming from her. How difficult was it to get Buffy’s reaction down?

Georges: It was hard, I won’t lie. Buffy wasn’t that hard since I’ve been drawing her for the last 3 years straight. Angel was a little difficult, and still is, because he’s so new to me. I started drawing him almost the same time I had to draw him in the book. I always knew that I would have to get to him eventually as well as a few of the other characters. But honestly, I’m really jazzed that the gang is all here (or almost all here). I don’t mind the extra hours of drawing face time.

3. bamph: So, what are you feeling on this day that Buffy #33 comes out and the big reveal is finally in the book?

Georges: A huge sigh of relief! There were so many times over the years that I wanted to tell people, when Angel shows up you’ll see how things get kicked into hi- gear! Every time someone would come up to me at a Con and try to guess who Twilight was, all I could do was smile and nod and say, “Yeah, that’s interesting”.

4. bamph: Scott did an interview that was published last night with Buffyfest about today’s issue. The last question and his answer was this.

Quote: Buffyfest: So then, what do you think is the most important thing for Joss when it comes to Angel and following up on that, in the most general sense, what matters most to the character of Angel?

Scott Allie: One word to answer both questions, and this is not gonna be popular with some fans, but you can see it coming ... Buffy.

Would you say that this is going to be reflected in certain ways during the rest of Season 8 in Twilight’s/Angel’s actions and motives?Also do you agree with Scott that this is Joss’s take, that the most important thing for Joss when it comes to Angel is Buffy?

Georges: I would agree, all of these events tie into the Mythology of Slayers and Vampires. There is a reason all of this is happening. It’s not a random event. Once it’s explained I think you’ll understand the whole of Season 8.

5. lmblack21: Re: the new Scott Allie interview mentioned above, regarding what is most important to Angel - Buffy - I have to say as a Buffy/Angel pairing lover, I was very happy to see it. But I can’t help but wonder about Connor and Angel’s ongoing story arc of redemption. Can you talk about whether or not those factors will be raised?

The main story is the whole Twilight issue. I don’t know what Joss has planned for any fall out stuff, but maybe that’s what Season 9 will cover...

6. lmblack21: This might be too spoilery but I can’t help but be nervous as a B/A and an ANGEL fan of all the very positive B/A and Angel quotes we’ve gotten lately. On the one hand it could be a hint to what we might see in the pages, on the other hand it could be a very big setup for heartbreak and that does seem to be Joss’ M.O. I’m trying to decide how to ask this question without asking you to tell us where the story is going, but it is hard to do!

Scott Allie once answered "yeah" to a question of ’should fans be worried about Buffy’, so I guess my question is, should fans of Angel and B/A be more worried because of all the positive quotes, knowing about the reveal? It almost feels like we’re being given SO much in positive, reaffirming quotes that we should be taking on crash positions instead of happily basking in the attitudes expressed by people in the know.

Georges: Well, this is Joss we’re talking about. Does anything ever end neatly with his stories? We might see some more surprises in the coming issues. The season isn’t over yet! It almost feels like we’re being given so much in positive, reaffirming quotes that we should be taking our crash positions instead of happily basking in the attitudes expressed by people in the know. 
Positive, Negative. It’s all so relative. I won’t say the party is coming to an end, but it will shift its focus.

7. Hellbound Hyperion: Glowing Buffy. Your idea, Joss’s idea, or Meltzer’s idea? I was kinda wondering why Buffy seemed to be outlined more clearly, but then Angel mentioned it in conversation so I was like "hey alright neat idea" and wondered whether this is part of the story or if it was a decision you made on the art side.

Georges: No. That’s all intentional. You’ll find out more about that glow next issue.

8. sosa lola: I really love the panel where Buffy looks at Xander and says that she’s turning into a vampire, you’re really great with facial expressions and the Buffy likeness was spot on. And as a Xander fangirl, I adore him in new, different clothes, he really looked cute in that scene with Buffy. My question is mostly about Buffy’s hair style, do you choose them according to the TV seasons or somewhere else?

I really wanted to praise you in these first preview panels, you did a wonderful job. I’m guessing this month most of the questions are Twilight related, so figured let’s ask about something else for a change.

Georges: Thanks! I do in a way. I try to mix it up with her hair. I tell myself that Buffy is a girl and as such she’ll wear her hair differently from time to time. I try and do that in the story where some time has passed and you could understand her doing something to herself like changing clothes and hairstyle. No one tells me to put her hair a certain way. I asked Joss about that once and he said “I don’t need to tell you what to do because you get it. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

9. Billie Erin: If you had to assign a genre to the issues of Buffy season 8 following Twilight reveal, which would you choose? (E.g. horror, romance, psychological thriller etc.)

Georges: Can I choose all of them? That’s always been the coolest thing about the show. It had elements of all those genres and that’s what I love. So I would venture a guess and say it’ll be more of the same.

10. Billie Erin: Who would you blame Twilight’s actions on? Angel, Buffy or a third party?

Georges: How about this for an answer: an older party?

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