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Buffy : Season 8

Georges Jeanty - "Buffy : Season 8" Comic Book - Issue 40 - Slayalive.com Q&A

Sunday 20 February 2011, by Webmaster

1. Enisy: Now that everything’s said and done, which was your favourite story in Season 8?

Georges: What’s my favorite story? That’s a hard one, they were all so good. Hmmm. I loved the “Wolves at the Gate” arc because I’m such a giant monster fan and the scenes with Dawn in Tokyo were great, but I really like the Faith arc, “No Future for You.” It was just a really well-written story. “A Beautiful Sunset” was really good. Joss just has a way of tapping into who Buffy is. 

2. Enisy: Which was your favourite scene to draw in Issue #40?

Georges: Again, I love all the human drama stuff. I will say I thought I nailed it when Buffy and Xander are talking in the “Twilight” arc at the beginning. I loved the conversation that Willow and Oz have in “Retreat” when she is upset about where her life is going. I just love those moments because I’m such a fan of the show! I would love to hear what some of you guys favorite moments were. Maybe SlayAlive can set something up where people can write in? Hint. Hint. 

3. Enisy: Has your perception of any of the characters changed (for better or for worse) because of Season 8? (Maybe because of their actions, or maybe just because they were a cakewalk/a pain to draw? :P)

Georges: My perception in terms of character arc would certainly have to go to Dawn. I think it’s subtle but she has grown so much in Season 8 alone that I plan on paying particular attention to her when I do Season 9. Buffy always seems to have a wide arc, and the end of Season 8 brings her back to a beginning of sorts so it should also be interesting to see her in Season 9. All the characters have gotten easier to draw but no less trying. I hope with the next season you can see a difference or maybe more of a maturity to the way I draw the characters. I’m certainly looking forward to it!

 4. AndrewCrossett: There’s a panel where Simone has pictures on her wall, apparently of people she intends to kill. One is the General, scratched off, and one is Buffy, not yet scratched off. Who was the other man who’s been scratched off? He looked kind of like the "suit" that was working with Gen. Voll back in the first arc.

Georges: That’s it! I didn’t think anyone would get that, but you’re right. That deserves some kind of prize! Those last few pages gave you a glimpse into some of Season 9!

5. AndrewCrossett: Why does Angel have blood on his face when we see him at Faith’s place? This is quite some time after the battle in the Hellmouth, so it can’t still be from that, can it?

Georges: That was in the script Joss wrote. All I can say is I think there was a fight... and Angel kind of got his ass kicked...

6. AndrewCrossett: Why did Simone care enough about the General to kill him? We never even saw the two of them meet before. Does this mean my theory is correct that Simone was working for Twilight?

Georges: That’s a good question. Are you going to be back for Season 9?

7. Bamph: Great job on the issue and the season as a whole.

What were the challenges of drawing this issue versus the rest of this last arc?

Georges: This issue was pretty easy. Now that we’ve come to the end, I finally felt like I was getting it right. And going from one of Joss’ scripts is always a joy! I loved the way he tied up all the loose ends and set stuff up for next season. He’s just a really good writer. The only challenges were establishing locations that will show up next Season. I don’t know how they’ll be used, so it was a little daunting to establish stuff not knowing how you’re going to use it in the future.

8. Bamph: Is there anything in Season 8 you would do over if you could?

Georges: The first few issues. I was still learning about the Buffyverse when I started, and there is so much more I could have put into those issues! I would have done the characters better and had more of an understanding of who they are.

9. Bamph: Any new news yet on you working on Season 9?

Georges: Yes! It’s a go!

10. usagianddarien: Where was Giles buried?

Georges: I want to say it was London. I talked to Joss about all that stuff and he said Giles had a few places over the globe and his estate is in London and he had a flat in the city. That’s where Faith and Buffy are when Faith gives Buff the Vampyr book; it’s the flat he has back in Issue 7.

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