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Andy Hallett

Happy Birthday To Andy Hallet, 31 Yesterday !

Saturday 5 August 2006, by Webmaster

Date of birth : 4 August 1975

Location : Osterville, Massachusetts, USA

Birth name : Andrew Alcott Hallett

Height : 6’ 2" (1.88 m)

Mini biography :

Andy Hallett is from the tiny Cape Cod village of Osterville, part of the town of Barnstable. He attended Barnstable High School and then Assumption College in Worcester. Always shy, he didn’t begin singing until Patti LaBelle invited him onstage at a concert. After moving to Los Angeles he worked as a runner for an agency and then as a property manager and personal assistant. When "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) creator Joss Whedon saw Hallett singing in a Universal City blues revue, Whedon conceived the character of The Host, an anagogic demon who reads people when they open up through singing karaoke. Hallett was invited to try out and got the part, his first job ever as an actor. IMDb mini-biography by Trivia

Andy Hallett got his agent *after* he appeared for the first time on Angel. She spotted him singing and acting in the second season premiere episode, "Judgment." The morning after the show was broadcast she called up the BtVS/AtS casting agent and asked about him. He signed with her shortly thereafter.

According to an interview in the Cleveland Plain Dealer (April 24, 2003), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" executive producer Joss Whedon had been friends with Andy Hallett and they liked to visit a "dirty, old scandalous" karaoke bar in Hollywood together; then Joss asked him to audition for the role of Lorne. Hallett joined the cast during the second season, but because he was unsure about how his flashy-dressing, green-faced character would be received, he kept his day job for an entire season.

His character’s name, Lorne, on "Angel", is short for Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan. For a while, his character had no name and was referred to simply as "The Host", because he was the host of the demon-karaoke bar called Caritas.

Hallett told the Cleveland Plain Dealer (April 24, 2003) that he loved singing while growing up in Osterville, Mass., but negative peer pressure made him quit. Then, at a Patti LaBelle concert, she invited him onstage to sing "Lady Marmalade" with her. When he received applause and requests for photographs, he realized that "It was really a life-changing experience."

It took him two and a half hours to have the red-eyed, green-skinned, two-horned makeup applied for his role as Lorne on "Angel."

Fans of Hallett’s crooning character Lorne on "Angel" have asked whether he is going to put out a CD; he has expressed interest and says that he has been approached by recording companies. [March 14, 2003]

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