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Hollywood Buzz : Scary Movie 4, Ice Age, Hard Candy, The Wild (gellar mention)

Sunday 16 April 2006, by Webmaster

Hitting theatres this Easter/Passover weekend is "Scary Movie 4," which (as most of you know) is a spoof of all the latest horror flicks. With things becoming a tad to serious in theatres nationwide, the "Scary" crew are back to rattle things up a bit and remind us not to take it all too seriously. This time around, actress Anna Faris, like Sarah Michelle Gellar, is hired as a housekeeper to take care of an elderly lady who lives in a haunted house where a creepy little boy roams. As Faris and pals, (Regina Hall and Craig Bierko) have a face off with a bunch of grudgeful ghosts, a masked psychotic cancer patient, villagers behind in the times etc.... "Scary Movie 4" threatens "Ice Age: The Meltdown’s" number one spot at the box office.

Also in select theatres, the Lion’s Gate film "Hard Candy," starring Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson is a psychological drama definitely worth seeing. The story centers on a 32-year-old pedophile who takes home a 14-year-old girl he found over the internet only to discover that there are some children who refuse to be victimized. As the tables turn on the "poor" child molester, suspense rises and keeps us at the edge of our seats until the very end. I love this movie!

Finally, a wild adventure begins for a bunch of animals in the New York zoo when they discover one of their own has been mistakenly shipped to the wilderness and together, the animals break out to rescue him. "The Wild," a computer-animated, comedy-adventure has a star vocal ensemble including; Kiefer Sutherland, Jim Belushi and William Shatner.

Have a fun weekend at the movies!