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Joss Whedon

J. Michael Straczynski about Joss Whedon

Thursday 6 September 2007, by Webmaster

> Dear J. Michael Straczynski

> Thx very much for The Lost Tales. As others have said it was like > meeting lost thought friends. I hope there will be many more to come, > watch and enjoy *g*. Just a short question - the taxi scene in the New > York of the future... was that an insinuation at Luc Besson’s Fifth > Element?

No. It comes from visiting New York many times.

> Second question: Have you ever thought of writing a script for a movie > about relationships (like Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, Alexander Payne’s > Sideways or Charlie Kaufman’s Adaption) ?. This question came to my > mind while watching the features on the TLT DVD where you said that > you enjoy watching and analysing human behaviour.

"Changeling," the movie I sold to Ron Howard, is a strong relationship movie, in the sense it’s all character driven. (Production starts mid- October.)

> Last question: What do you think about Joss Whedon and especially of > his best (IMO) two shows Angel and Firefly (which had the same destiny > like your Crusade) ?. If circumstances let it happen would you like > working on a project with him?

I think Joss is a terrific writer and I’d love to work with him sometime on something.

J. Michael Straczynski