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James Marsters

James Marsters & Andy Hallett feature in Veronica Mars guest star poll

Wednesday 4 January 2006, by Webmaster

Question: Man! I just found out about your Veronica Mars Armchair Casting Couch Director challenge and am so upset I missed my chance to cast my vote for Jimmy Kimmel. Oh well... but give it up: Who won? - John

Ausiello: After tallying all 1,042 votes, Falcon Crest’s Lance Cumson won by a mere chest hair. Here’s the final breakdown:

Lorenzo Lamas: 25%
James Marsters: 23%
David Hasselhoff: 17%
Corbin Bernsen (with a rug): 13%
Don Swayze (brother of Patrick): 7%
Andy Hallett: 5%
A. Martinez: 4%
Rick Springfield: 3%
Chris Sarandon: 2%

Others receiving multiple votes: Rob Lowe, Tim Daly, Adam Baldwin, Michael Ausiello (I love you guys!), Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Ontkean, Kato Kaelin, Dale Midkiff, Jeremy Piven, Mark Hamill, Peter Reckell and BSG’s Richard Hatch. Now for the $4 million question: Will exec producer Rob Thomas go with AA readers’ first choice, Lamas, or pull a Buffy trifecta and side with runner-up Marsters? Or might he pick someone else altogether? Well, I just sent him this list yesterday, so give the poor guy a few days to make some phone calls. I’ll (hopefully) have an update for you in next week’s AA. Thanks to everyone who played!