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James Marsters

James Marsters - ’Cool Money’ Tv Movie - Kristin’s Opinion

By Kristin Veitch

Tuesday 15 March 2005, by Webmaster

From pickles: Thanks for being supportive of Whedonverse fans! My vote is to see James Marsters in just about anything—as Spike or otherwise. Do you think we’ll see more of him soon?

You will definitely see him this Saturday on USA for his telepic Cool Money. I’ve watched it and it’s good—fast-paced, well-written and of course yummy, thanks to James. It’s actually nice seeing him in an entirely different (non-British) light, though of course, you know my heart lies with Spikey. And you are welcome for this week’s column—I wish I could do more.

From mlgm: Love the James Marsters info in last week’s column. Have you seen Cool Money? And what pilots is James auditioning for?

Yes, as I mentioned, I’ve seen it and it is totally worth canceling your Saturday night plans! So, make sure you do. James isn’t at liberty to talk about the roles he’s up for (Hollywood politics), but I’m hearing he’s up for some very big, very leading-man type roles. How de-lish is that?

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