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James Marsters

James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

By Dramagirl42

Tuesday 15 June 2004, by Webmaster

To all fans of the band Ghost of the Robot,

After two great years of music making and touring I have decided to dissolve the band Ghost of the Robot. This was not an easy decision to make but one that was thought out thoroughly with consideration to you, the amazing fans and my amazing band mates. There are no bad feelings or creative differences that lead to this decision. I have always given 100% of myself to my craft and I felt that the band and the fans would suffer now that I will be devoting all my time to new film and television projects since "Buffy" and "Angel" are no longer in production. Please know how much I have appreciated everyone’s support of me and of the band. I hope that you will continue to support me in my future film and television projects. This decision will not affect me participating in or attending any conventions. I love the feedback I get from my fans and look forward the next time I see you.

All my best, James Marsters

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  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 08:27, by Anonymous
    heh, music thing wasn’t working out for ya, eh james?
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 09:16, by Ashlee
    Best of luck to James in everything that he does. He is a multi-talented individual and I hope he gets the success he deserves!
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 14:00, by Morten
    No!!!! He can’t do that! Well, actually he can. I support his actions, and I feel that he should do whatever he wants to. I’m gonna miss his/their music, however.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 16:40, by ***tara***
    Yes! No more trashy music from James Marsters!
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 17:17, by Nikki
    Is that for real?
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 18:33, by Jo

    I am pretty gutted about this! It’s not a huge surprise as I realised with the Macbeth project going ahead that James would have little free time but I love Ghost of the Robot!

    Good luck to all the band members in whatever they do next and I hope It isn’t over forever.

    James.... you had better find another reason to come and visit the Uk frequently!

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 22:29, by MemnochZERO
    While I respect James’ decision to ’dissolve’ GOTR, I am rather disapointed. Ghost Of The Robot, while not a ’perfect’ band, had a really unique sound. I personally would’ve loved to see them continue creating their unique tunes. ’Goodnight Sweet Girl’ remains one of the greatest and most beautifully haunting songs ever. Hopefully, music will not be completely out of Mr. Marster’s life for good. Good luck to him on his future projects.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    15 June 2004 22:30, by Bana
    WHAT THE #$(*#$(^%)^#%_*&$_(&%)(^%)*^!!!!!!!!!
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    16 June 2004 01:02, by Anonymous
    what the hell is he thinking
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    16 June 2004 01:39, by stephanie

    oh no.

    that’s sad.

    i really liked them.

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    16 June 2004 05:46, by SUSAN
    The sad thing is about this is.... I never got to see "Ghost of the robots"LIVE....(sob,sob)I do understand his reasons tho.

    See online : James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot..

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    16 June 2004 09:02, by Anonymous

    First Angel, now this?

    I think its sad, there was definately something there.

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    16 June 2004 18:15, by Anonymous
    I don’t hold it aginst anyone I can’t believe it lasted this long. Jamess is getting older and busting his but twice as hard.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    17 June 2004 13:05, by Soule
    What business is it of any of us the real reasons why the bands finished. The msg is a polite and diplomatic msg. Im sure there are reasons behind finishing the band but quite frankly those reasons are between James and his band.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    17 June 2004 13:15, by Pissed-off James/GotR fan

    >>I said it before and I’ll say it again. You don’t spent over 2 years with the same people and then don’t even wish them luck for the future... Oh, sorry, it definitely is more important to promote the conventions you gonna attend.. my mistake.<<

    Damn, misplaced anger much? As best I can tell, the notice at James’ website (the phrasing of which you insist on harping on) wasn’t written by him. The news item before that announcement, however, does sound like James 100% - complete with the ’rock on!’ at the end. I think James just had the webmaster post something about it at the official site so that people would be aware.

    Honestly, I don’t get why people insist on villifying James because of this - many of the same people whom, I might add, were singing his praises prior to the dissolution. He’s doing the guys a favor by letting them go *now* instead of stringing things along, so they can pursue their careers without having the shell of GotR holding them back (and don’t get me wrong, that’s nothing against the band at all - I’m a huge fan of GotR).

    Just because he didn’t *say* he wished his bandmates the best doesn’t mean that he wishes them ill or doesn’t give a damn what they do. If you truly do believe that plugging his next con appearance is all he’s concerned about, you really don’t understand what he’s about at all. And you probably never did.

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    17 June 2004 20:22, by Anonymous
    who cares why the bands breaking up. they sucked anyway. james going on piss drunk at concerts didn’t help (and i know this, from having seen them binge drinking before shows)
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    17 June 2004 21:05, by James super fan
    It is really sickening how some people are acting over the break up. James is an ACTOR, the other guys are musicians. James’ first love is and always will be acting. For awhile he got to have his cake and eat it too. His dream has been to do a Macbeth movie, and he has been handed 50 million to follow his dream. Would you mean-spirited bashers pass on your dreams for a part-time band (for as much as I love GotR, that is what it was)? James ended it so that other guys can follow their dream. Plus remember he has his son and niece to support, he can’t fully do that and keep the band going. Now he can audition for Dresden and other roles, do a Spike movie while working on Macbeth to support the kids. Love and kisses to James! I can’t wait fot Macbeth to come out.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    19 June 2004 12:59, by Pandora
    There’s a chick’s fight to come along if neither the ex-band-members nor the "used-to-be" fans of James are coming to terms with the fact that life changes!!!!!!!!! Though I feel James could’ve or should’ve handled this matter in another way, I am still a huge fan of him. I wish him as well as the rest of the guys (who have seemingly recovered faster than most of us) all the best in the whole world. He’s a great actor and they are great musicians - everyone has to live up to their own goals in life. I am sure either of them’s gonna do that and we should encourage that! Please - as aggravated or dissapointed as some of you are - don’t become to personal in insults concerning Jame’s decision for I am sure he made this one not an easy one... Ok, I gonna let the white dove fly and shut up... I am simply hurting that’s all.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    20 June 2004 04:58, by Sspoiled
    Ok, why are people acting so weird about all of this? I mean they are all talented. The guys of the band are young, and talented so they can continue on if they wish it, and all the best of luck to them. James Marsters is an incredible actor and whether he is with the band or not he is going to be awesome so it’d be great if people stopped trying to point fingers, and trying to blame someone and just SUPPORT THEM.
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    25 June 2004 12:26, by Ness

    Does it really matter?

    Whoever or whatever the problem was is irrelevent.... the band was good.... the band is gone.... be grateful it existed in the first place, treasure the music they made and move on.

    If you want to continue to support the other band members and James... then support them, and if you don’t want to then dont’.... but fighting about it a forum which is supposed to about Buffy and Angel isn’t the way to go.

  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    25 January 2005 02:09, by EVE
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    3 February 2005 17:07, by Ben Wilson
    I love Ghost of the robot and i really liked your song in the buffy musical (once more with feeling).I have followed you throughout your career and think you are by far the best musician,actor, and vampire of all time and you will always be my favourite celebrity. Hope your well
  • > James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    20 March 2006 15:32, by kayla
    wow. thats dissapointing, but i will live. the song Goodnight Sweet Girl is on my myspace. i love that song. anyway. bye
  • James Marsters Ends Ghost of the Robot

    9 November 2006 20:40, by Selfi Kane

    NOOOOO!!!! Not now!!! I never got to go to one of his concerts!

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!! :(