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James Marsters

James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

Sunday 5 December 2004, by Webmaster

James has just wrapped filming on the film “The Pierre Heist” and had a great time. From what he can tell at this point, he thinks it will be a good film. Now he is back in the recording studio working on the new album! It should be completed and available in the first quarter of 2005. As many of you know, we’ve announced concert dates in the UK for 2005. We are working on dates in the US and hopefully other parts of the world as well. As soon as we have concrete information, we will post it here. As for the new photos on the website, YES, each and everyone will be individually signed and personalized by James per the specific order. In the meantime, wishing everyone a very happy and safe holiday season!

8 Forum messages

  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    5 December 2004 12:22, by Lol
    Yay! James finished filming on the film “The Pierre Heist”!! I’m so excited!
  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    5 December 2004 17:00, by Max
    I really hope that this is a good movie that showcases his talent as an actor. James is such a gifted actor and he should be playing major roles. Go james!
  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    6 December 2004 10:39, by Anonymous
    it will be awful a cheap as chips tv movie.
  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    8 December 2004 02:12, by Anonymous
    A TV movie is just about his speed. I think it’s disgusting the way some people gush about this guy. He’s not that damn great. I’m all for him getting back to his music so the rest of us don’t have to see him try to act.
  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    8 December 2004 16:33, by kile

    I understand that some people don’t like the character of Spike and don’t particularly care for James himself, but I don’t understand why they say that he’s a bad actor.

    In interviews and on commentaries, many of his fellow actors, the directors, etc. always said what a pleasure it was to act with James because he always "gave so much" to the scenes. I think if he were a bad actor, Joss, the directors, and the other actors would have chosen to say nothing at all about his acting rather than praise it so.

    (But that’s just my opinion and you’re entitled to yours as well.)

  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    13 December 2004 16:57, by Lightess
    I’m SO happy for him!! I can’t wait to see this... hope it’ll be up for download as soon as it comes out coz I know I won’t be able to catch it on TV. Is it a TV movie?? *shrug* who cares he’s such a great actor and for you people who don’t like him... why the hell tell us that? You know dissing him will only make his MANY fans angry and make you look like a child or blind to his talents... or jealous,,, or well somethings that i rather not say in case you are a child! Give it up! James is a great loved actor... no one is making you watch him act and sure as hell no one is making you write such comments about him! Let us true fans and people who have decency be happy for our actor ok
  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    18 December 2004 18:28, by patpaws

    I’m a semi-fan which means I can appreciate some of his endeavors, but not all of them. I think James is a talented > actor, but I’m not ready to classify him as great, not just yet. If we are still talking about his well known movie/TV work 10 years from now - then yes. I do look forward to seeing him more on screen.

    I have not been impressed with his singing. No matter how much ’heart’ he puts into it, he still hits sour notes and is sometimes off key. I think he is using his celebrity status to promote a musican career...it’s been done before, but if he has true talent, it will touch others beside his fans. That also remains to be seen.

  • > James Marsters Finishes Filming a Tv Movie

    2 January 2005 22:30, by Drookit Duck
    I know I’m getting into this topic a little late ( my internet’s been down) But there’s a fantastic Billy Connelly quote ’If you don’t like me don’t come up and bloody tell me! Stay the hell away from me! I’m almost dead! Fuck off!’ I think it’s apt here. If you dislike James Marsters so much why are you here? Personally I’m only hoping I haven’t missed this, and I’m looking forward to it. I think JM is brilliant and would love to see him act on stage but for now I’ll stick with my trusty TV :)