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James Marsters

James Marsters - July 2006 - Jamesmarsters.com Q & A

Saturday 15 July 2006, by Webmaster

How did you get that little scar on your chin?

The truth is I don’t remember. Someone probably hit me with something between 1985 - 1988 and he probably won the fight and hit me really hard. I don’t remember.

What is your least favorite:

Color - I love all color Sight - Human cruelty Smell or scent - Rotten meat Taste or flavor or spice - The piece of candy corn that pushes me over the mountain of sugar rush into the chasm of nausea; worse than that is the 40 I eat after that! Food - Boiled lima beans. I ate too many before the age of 18. I’ve never had one since. Thing to feel (touch) - A chalk board Thing to feel (emotion) - Fear Time of day - Morning! Morning! Morning! Month - There are only twelve of them so I can’t be that picky. I love them all. Word or expression - “for your information” and “didn’t you get the memo” Chore, thing to do which has to be done anyway - Watching the President’s speeches

How would you describe your character in Shadow Puppets? Is this movie based on a novel?

He is intelligent, terrified and although you wouldn’t first suspect, love-struck. It is an original concept.

Now that some time has passed, what do you miss about Buffy and Angel?

I miss the way I walk in a long, black coat. If you walk that way without a long, black coat you look a little silly.

What would the music be like for the Macbeth movie you are planning?

Hmmm, ummmm, uhhh... low orchestral, traditional Celtic war music and synthesized screeching in the chilly parts. It would be a horror film - I think one of the best horror stories ever told. Make no mistake, it is a slasher film.

What song(s), artist(s), or both get you in that place where you can just close your eyes, put your head back, and let the world fall away — when you let yourself be totally absorbed by the music?

I don’t listen repeatedly to music unless it can cast a spell like that. I’ve mentioned in the past Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits - to that I would add, in a very different way, Ry Cooder, and especially recommend an album he produced in Cuba called Buena Vista Social Club. It’s not a new album, but widely available and absolute magic.