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James Marsters

James Marsters - London Halloween 2004 Convention - Be Sure To Vote !

Wednesday 18 August 2004, by Webmaster

BE SURE TO VOTE! For those of you joining me in London October 30 and 31, 2004, please be sure to arrange to either be back in time to vote or get in your absentee ballot.

“SHAMELESS PLUG” - The London Halloween convention is really taking shape and looks like it will be a great deal of fun for everyone who can make it there. Ticket sales are going quickly, so if you are on the fence - now is the time to jump :-) . Information and tickets can be found at www.jamesmarsterslive.com ---- Steve Himber

“Thank you Phyllis Amason for the sharing this great sketch of James. I hope all the fans enjoy it as well” - Steve Himber

“Thank you to everyone for their early birthday wishes and gifts (not necessary!). Way too many to give a shout out to each and every one of you, but I appreciate all the good wishes and love and thank every one of you!” - James

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  • I would love to go and it really sounds amazing, but does anyone else think that 299 (over 500$) is a little over priced? I mean I know meeting James Marsters is priceless but I didn’t know that conventions were that expensive... :(
  • Vote for what? Sorry am i being Dim??
  • God, I would love to go there. First of all for James, but the reading that David will do is probably going to be a blast!!! But no, it’s too f***ing expensive. How are "poor" students supposed to pay for something like that? Well, ’they’ don’t do it for free I guess... still love them, for whatever that’s worth. Have a great ’spook’ anyways!
  • No, June - I don’t think you’re being dim. I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to vote for either. Unless James & Co have been suddenly overcome with patriotism, and are exhorting us to vote in the upcoming Presidential election? But this is surely aimed at an English audience, so that’s not it. I give up. I don’t know.
  • Thanks July - i don’t feel stupid now :)

    I have shelled out the 299 to go, so i hope its worth it! (Interesting that it was due to be 50 until David was on the guest list!)

    Hope to see some of you there!

  • why is evry1 so up bout james? i went to his gotr concert and had to wait til early moring to meet him, (coz he was apparently sh***in sum 16 year old girl on a roof!) I’m way more excited bout goin to see david, again (i went to the brighton 1) and amy acker. c u guys there if ur goin!

    they shud so make the prices lower seein as most buffy/angel fans are only students (soz if ur not) and so dont have that kinda money layin round. ne1 goin to c eliza and amber at excel? i am.

    even tho i wanna meet db again, whats so special bout him to add 250 to the price!

  • Ok i went, but i found out that db and jm had been planning it since last year, so evry1 that went, dont feel bad about spending an xtra 250 because u didn’t, it never was going to be 50, that was a load of crap!