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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Smallville" Tv Series - Smallville Magazine Interview Excerpt

Monday 10 October 2005, by Webmaster

James Marsters In Smallville Magazine #11

Issue #11 of the Official Smallville Magazine is now hitting newsstands. It offers a comprehensive look at what’s to come in Season 5, and interviews with folks like Tom Welling and new cast addition James Marsters.

Abbie Bernstein talks to Marsters a news extra, where he talks about playing Brainiac on the show. Here are some highlights.

About his character of Brainiac:

"I play a being that was created as a computer system on Krypton. A man named General Zod wanted to take over Krypton’s ruling council, reprogrammed me and tried to have me take over the planet, but in doing so, destroyed Krypton. Except I arrived and came to Earth and find the most beautiful planet, almost better than Krypton, really. Except that there are these horrible creatures called humans who are killing all of the other animals, and destroying all of the forests and killing the atmosphere. You can tell scientifically this species has about 100 years maximum to live, so why don’t we just kill them off now and take this beautiful planet? Kryptonians think in long terms. This will be a beautiful planet for millions of years. So I’m trying to convince Clark [Kent\ and seduce him into stopping thinking like a monkey. I’m trying to get him to step up and be more than he thinks he is."

On why working on Smallville was appealing to him:

"Because Al Gough is a cool dude. He’s got a good mind, he’s very easy to understand. He takes a lot of different information and synthesizes it in his opinions. I like him a lot. And he’s taking a myth that we think we know really well, and he’s not turning it on its head, but he’s turning it on its side. How do you get from this little farmboy to the savior of the world? And how does Clark, more importantly, go from being a boy to being a man?"