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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Smallville" Tv Series - 7x15 "Veritas" Stills - Medium Quality Photos

Sunday 9 March 2008, by Webmaster

James Marsters’ return as Brainiac in Smallville will include more than one episode, he confirmed. "I hear about two more so far, but we’ll see," Marsters said. Upon hearing that the series has picked up for Season 8, Marsters said he would be interested in returning next season. "If they invited me, why not?" he said. "All the actors are real nice." Marsters returns in the "Veritas" episode, which will air on March 27 on The CW. Here’s how the network describes the episode : "Kara decides to teach Clark how to fly in order to strengthen his chances against Brainiac. However, Brainiac seems to have the upper hand against the super cousins, and some of Clarkıs loved ones are caught in the crossfire." "Veritas" was written by Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders and directed by James Marshall.

James Marsters - "Smallville" Tv Series - 7x15 "Veritas" Stills - Medium Quality Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-01.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-02.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-03.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-04.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-05.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-06.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-07.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-08.jpg IMG/jpg/james-marsters-smallville-tv-series-7x15-stills-mq-09.jpg