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James Marsters

James Marsters Stakes Claim to "Smallville" Tv Show

By Rick Porter

Saturday 23 July 2005, by Webmaster

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) For all the things vampire Spike was on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," one thing he typically was not was the sharpest stake in the drawer.

That’s about to change for the man who played him, James Marsters.

Marsters will join the cast of "Smallville" this season, playing a classic villain from the DC Comics universe: Professor Milton Fine, better known as Brainiac. The WB confirmed a percolating rumor of Marsters’ casting Friday (July 22) at the Television Critics Association press tour. The "Smallville" stint may not be the only work on The WB for Marsters. Network head David Janollari says he would "gladly" do a TV movie featuring the Spike character if Marsters and "Buffy"/"Angel" creator Joss Whedon want to do one.

In addition to Brainiac, the fifth season of "Smallville" — which moves to the ultra-competitive 8 p.m. ET Thursday spot this fall — will feature an appearance by fellow DC hero Aquaman (not played, unfortunately, by "Entourage" star Adrian Grenier, who’s on the verge of filming an "Aquaman" movie in that show).

"He dates Lois Lane [Erica Durance]," says series star Tom Welling, who made the announcement to the assembled critics. "That’s not on here, but I’m going to tell you that anyway."

Also this season, Tom Wopat will reunite with his former "Dukes of Hazzard" co-star, John Schneider, for an episode. Wopat will play a childhood friend of Jonathan Kent’s (Schneider) who’s now a state senator.

8 Forum messages

  • OMG! how great! i love that show! OMG i’m so happy, James on TV again! woo hoo!
  • > James Marsters Stakes Claim to "Smallville" Tv Show

    23 July 2005 20:19, by Illyria101
    Wow, it’s going to be so great to see James back on our screens, he just play the villains so well. He’s a great actor and will be fantastic in this new part :) and I guess the rumours about a Spike movie are becoming to come true, with the comments made by Alyson Hannigan and now with the WB giving the all clear in order to do a Spike movie with James and Joss Whedon. Wow I’m just so excited now lol :D
  • > James Marsters Stakes Claim to "Smallville" Tv Show

    23 July 2005 20:25, by Anonymous
    To me it’s the exact opposite... and no one, not even Mr. Marsters, can persuade me to watch THAT show...
  • I agree, the show is absolute trash. It stands against quality TV that Joss tried to isinuate with Buffy and Angel. It’s sad that an actor of Marsters magnitude is stooping this low...next it will be ASH on The OC or something...
  • Very exciting news! I stopped watching the WB when they dropped "Angel" but I will sure be tuning back in to see "Smallville" this season. I know James will be developing an awesome new character for us to enjoy.This is something I am really going to be looking forward to.Go,James!
  • > James Marsters Stakes Claim to "Smallville" Tv Show

    24 July 2005 06:42, by cat_amused

    I’m not a fan of Smallville.. But hey if James is on it, it can only get better... WE HOPE!

    With some luck it might get aired in Australia soon.. not seasons and season after.

    See online : http://cat_amused.blogspot.com

  • > James Marsters Stakes Claim to "Smallville" Tv Show

    24 July 2005 21:24, by Illyria101
    I must admit I only watched part of season 1 of Smallville and stopped watching it but James is a fantastic actor and any part he has or is going to play was and would be excelent, It’s definitely a season I am not going to miss. And I agree with the comment made about Buffy and Angel, nothing will ever beat them 2, they are 2 of the most fantastic shows I have ever seen and Smallville will Never compair to them, I’m only going to watch it because James will be in it lol :)
  • This is the second article I’ve read on this site that says the character James will be playing is Milton Fine/Brainiac, but a new post on JM’s official website, by his manager, says he will play a character called "Agent Dox"??? No matter who he plays or how bad the show, James can only make it better. Even Charmed was worth watching for the two or so seasons that Julian McMahon was on it. His fine acting & star quality temporarily lifted a semi-bad show (& currently, a REALLY bad show) to a very interesting place - & look what it did for his career - a staring role on a quality, Golden Globe winning series (Nip/Tuck) & a Golden Glode nomination for best actor. I wish similar success for James on Smallville. He’s one of the best actors ever on series TV, & he deserves it.