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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Star Trek : Nemesis" Movie - He is wanted for the role of Shinzon

Wednesday 25 June 2008, by Webmaster


DreamWatch Total SciFi just posted a new interview with Star Trek The Next Generation star Brent Spiner, in which he revealed he wanted Buffy actor James Marsters for the role of Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis. "I like Spike. I wanted him to play Shinzon in Nemesis!" Spiner told the site. Here are few excerpts of the interview.

Were any of the actors emotional when Star Trek: The Next Generation filmed its last episode?

Michael Dorn was emotional. He was crying and kept spitting those fake teeth out...But the ‘ending-ending’ really was Nemesis. That was really emotional.

Have you saved any of your Star Trek: The Next Generation costumes?

I was told I couldn’t take anything, so I wore my visor home off the set of Next Generation and I did that with my costume from the last movie [Nemesis]. That’s all I’ve taken. Why? Because I could!

You co-wrote Star Trek Nemesis. Do you want to direct?

The most important thing you need to be a director is boundless energy. And I love sleep. I was not willing to give up sleep to tell people what to do!


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