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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Torchwood" Tv Series - He may return for more episodes

Wednesday 5 September 2007, by Webmaster

When news hit that James Marsters would be taking on a role for the BBC series “Torchwood,” it was enough to have fans buzzing with anticipation. Now however, it looks like they might have a little more of Marsters to look forward to … in more ways than one.

The former primetime face of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" recently told fans at Dragon*Con in Atlanta that his one-time appearance on the "Doctor Who" spinoff might not be one time after all, according to TorchwoodTV. Marsters may return for a later episode this season, but the acrtor is not confirming anything until such an appearance is finalized with the powers that be.

There has been a great deal of speculation over the details of Marsters’ character on the series, and also how he will fit in with the mysterious past of Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). The No. 1 theory, however, is that he will be a temporal agent (like Jack) with a past and an agenda of his own.

"I cannot confirm or deny anything about my character on ’Torchwood,’” Marsters told the convention crowd. “But I thought Spike was nasty ... that was nothing. And they opened my eyes over in Wales, I gotta say. I mean at first I was all freaked out ‘cause this dude playing Jack, he’s like all sexy on the set and everything. And I didn’t really realize we’d be playing these Time Agent characters who’ll have sex with anything, like any thing with a hole! I’m serious.”

Other rumors for the series have also indicated that the character will have a bit of a fling with Jack, and Marsters’ comments confirms that at least some of that speculation is accurate and that he himself initially had a hard time with the openness of the series.

”The first day I was like freaked out, ‘Oh God help me,’" Marsters said. "Then I got into my character and I got to understand my character and everything. And the lead character Jack goes — he drives up in this beautiful red car — and he goes, ‘I almost did the car.’ And by this time I was totally comfortable with it and I knew that he was in character and I said ‘Well, that shiny metal is winking at you … I’d do her, too … where ‘d ya take her?’ and he said ‘Up the gas station.’ I mean like he didn’t really do that but I looked at the SUV and it’s like, ’James, steady there.’

”But it’s like, yeah, that’s a very English show,” he added. “Cut! Yeah I’m a little more comfortable with myself now."

But with recent reports that Jack’s relationship with Gareth David-Lloyd’s character of Ianto will heat up in the second season, fans shoudl now be asking the question of how Marsters’ presence on "Torchwood" will affect that budding relationship.

The first season of "Torchwood" premieres in the United States on Sept. 8 as part of BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday lineup. The second season, which is currently in production, is set to hit the United Kingdom in early 2008.