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James Marsters

James Marsters misses out on Dresden Files

Saturday 12 November 2005, by Webmaster

Jim’s comments, from the McAnally’s list:

I’m sure that many have already heard this one, but it’s official: Paul Blackthorne is Dresden. :)

James would have loved to do the part, but he was unwilling to head to Toronto for five years: he has family growing up in and around LA, and he didn’t want to relocate away from them. It takes a great deal of personal integrity (and considerable wisdom) to realize which things in life are /really/ important. A lot of men wouldn’t have made the same decision when offered the temptation of a feature role, quite possibly leading to an ongoing, starring role as the absolute, uncontested core star of a show.

Ironically, James’ decision in this makes him, at least in my eyes, more Harry-like than ever, and kicks my respect for him up several notches. I’m disappointed—not that he made that decision, which I think is the right one—but that things just didn’t work out. That’s how business goes sometimes. There are no hard feelings on anyone’s side. If the movie goes to a series, though, maybe he could be talked into a guest spot. I can think of several characters, who, if used, James would be great for.

Mr. Blackthorne, according to all reports I’ve heard, is an extremely skilled actor with great presence, and able to do "dark" sorts of scenes and emotions very well. I think he looks remarkably like Connery when he was in "Darby O’Gill and the Little People." You could do worse than a quasi-Connery for a lead actor. :) With luck, I’ll get a chance to visit the set and meet some of the people working on the movie, and give you guys some inside skinny when I return. :)

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  • > James Marsters misses out on Dresden Files

    12 November 2005 17:24, by sarah
    okay, so i’m REALLY bummed that James won’t be playing Harry Dresden, but i really repsect him for not wanting to move away from his family. I mean, it would be 5 years!!!! Although it would have been nice to see James in the Dresden files, i think he made the right move not going for the job. BUT KEEP GRACING US WITH YOUR TV PRESCENCE JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • > James Marsters misses out on Dresden Files

    13 November 2005 00:04, by Berry
    I also think that James would have been the perfect Harry Dresden. It was a fit like Connery to Bond or Ford to Han Solo. So,I’m disappointed too. But what I really want is for James to get a series where he is the lead. He can do anything...drama to comedy. And I just really want to see him on my tv screen on a weekly basis. Though I must say I am really enjoying the guest arc he is currently doing on "Smallville". They have never had a better adversary for Clark than Professor OhsoFine.
  • > James Marsters misses out on Dresden Files

    13 November 2005 16:15, by Angela
    If I hadn’t been crushing on this man before, I would now, just for adding the image of a responsible dad and unselfish person to the amount of great images I already have. Thinking of the Dresden files, I will always hear James’voice in my head, even if the description of Dresden in the books didn’t fit with James’physical appearance. Anyway, I’m waiting for the day, the right people finally get, what an awesome performer James is, and that we have seen merely a fraction of what this guy is capable of. Hopefully, one day he gets the major attention and great parts he really deserves
  • > James Marsters misses out on Dresden Files

    14 November 2005 17:56, by Isabell
    I sooooo agree with you!!!