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James Marsters

James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

Wednesday 2 March 2005, by Webmaster

Question: I think a Spike TV-movie would be great! - Teri

Ausiello: So, apparently, does James Marsters. In his first interview since I pitched WB president David Janollari the idea of doing a Spike telepic, the 42-year-old actor told my colleague, Ben Katner, that he’s game for resurrecting his soulful Buffyverse counterpart "as long as I could do it within, say, the next four or five years; past that, I’m too old. Spike’s a vampire, man, and I’ve got high standards - you have to believe that the guy has not aged since we met him. There’s a little poetic license, but I don’t want to get into a situation where the script says, ’Well, he was drinking pig blood and he aged,’ you know? [Whatever Joss Whedon wrote] would be funnier than that - it would be delightful - but it would be taking away the coolest thing about a vampire, which is that he’s iconic... he does not change." OK, Mr. Janollari - the ball is in your court.

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  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    2 March 2005 16:43, by Anonymous
    I think it would be great if they brought back all the characters who are willing to continue buffyverse for a movie!!! I personally would prefer a continuation of Buffy rather than Angel (even if a slayer school is involved, I’m up for ANYTHING at this point). All I ask is if they don’t bring back Buffy, just not to insult the character to the extent they did in TGIQ. Because that was...awful, and disrespectful to the fans of Buffy.
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    2 March 2005 18:22, by luhooch
    James is 42? what? when? how?! nooo! still looks gorg thou...
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    2 March 2005 20:18, by Anonymous
    42?! *stunned silence* Anyway, we don’t have to believe that vampires never change with age. In the Buffyverse, they do. The Master and Kakistos are just two examples of this.
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    2 March 2005 23:31, by Wolverine68

    I would rather see an Angel movie, but a Spike movie sounds good too.

    While it is trye that vampires don’t age in the Whedon-verse, they do start to look different after a certaint point. The Master, Kakistos, and The Prince Of Lies are examples of vampires who have lived so long, they are starting to show what the demon inside looks like.

    If you remember in Angel season 2, in he episode Darla, the implied Angel would look like that one day.

    If you remember the Pylea stroy line, Angel gets to show his true vampire form.

    However, a vampire does not age like humans do. They do not get a few wrinkles or get love handles.

    I respect James for wanting to do it soon, to make it look right. I suppose fi they did wait 10 years, they could always play it off as if he was a super old vampire in the far off future, but no one wants that. We want a now story.

  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    3 March 2005 04:53, by Spike1885

    "March 2nd, 2005 I think we have had far too much Spike already. Its about time some of the other characters had a turn. I would rather see a Ripper movie or Willow. Spike is all played out and DIM is too old now"

    To actually imitate the hell God glory from season five, " what the hell?!" woah spike/James bashing ... hmm too old. Very inconsiderate. also. Well, sheesh some of today’s young stars really can’t act....... James is proof no matter what the age you still can get pretty good roles, if he does this and then he if decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore I would pretty much stand by him as long as they don’t kill spike off and have a decent ending for him.. and also, consider this.... "respect your elders." even though he really isn’t one yet, at least in my opinion.

  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    3 March 2005 12:30, by chemicalNova

    Look, a Spike TV Movie or TV Series would be good, but I’d like to see how they pull it off without us finding out the fate of all the Angel characters at the end of "Not Fade Away". If they somehow manage to have flashbacks or something, none of the other actors (presumably) would be in it. If hes the only one to put his hand up...we’ve hit a rough patch.


  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    3 March 2005 16:23, by Anonymous
    I’ve seen James in person and he doesn’t look 42. He looks amazing. Actually I even asked him how he managed to stay looking so wonderful. God I hope I look that good at 42. I’m all for a Spike movie. He’s one of most interesting characters out there and I’d love to see more of his journey unfold in a movie. I’d like to see some others as well, like Andrew, Illyria, a guest spot from Buffy, Giles and Dawn as well.
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    3 March 2005 18:34, by Anonymous

    Wow this month well Febuary and this month has been great. Such a surge in potentila Buffyverse films and spin-offs.

    It’d great to see anything Buffy/Angel related.

    Spike and Illyria movie...brilliant. If DB’s not willing to come back they could say he died along with Gunn. Although I really don’t want Angel dead DB’s but I think it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a silver screen version of the Buffverse. So maybe they’ll do that.


    Oh for the person who mentioned RIPPER.

    IT DEFINETLY IS GOING TO HAPPEN. I WATCHED THE BRITISH COMEDY AWARDS AND THE HOST A FAN OF BUFFY ASKED HIM WHAT@S HAPPENENIGN AND TONY SAID: "Joss needs to do movies, so he is. But Ripper will still definetly happen." Something like that the BBC would definetly pick it up ASH and Joss both want to do it s its happening.


    And for idiots out there who say SPike’s story is over...your idiots. There could never be to much Buffy verse as I’m concerned.

  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    3 March 2005 20:20, by Anonymous
    I’d love to see Joss team up with James again and make a Spike movie. I’m happy that James is still open to the idea of playing Spike and that he has high standards for the movie. It’s clear James would want it to be as realistic as possible. I like the idea of Illyria and Andrew being apart of Spike movie too.
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    7 March 2005 04:56, by Sammi
    Bringing back Spike in his own tv show or movie would be fantastic! I was so upset when Buffy ended and almost fell out of my chair when Spike came back in Angel!!Then that ended also! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!
  • > James Marsters still game for Spike telepic

    16 March 2005 00:04, by lesley

    Honestly, Spikes story still isn’t finished and the Shanshu wasn’t over. So.. yeah. ;x james looks AWESOME for his age, incredible even. I look at my friend’s parents, or even my parents.. and i go DAMN YOU’RE HIDEOUS FOR YOUR AGE, seriously. It’d be pretty neat if they made the movie based on a dream, or flash backs in the begining, from what’d happened and actually watch people die. it’d be pretty cool too, if the show was based on when he had became spike, and tortured his victims ect.

    I don’t know, I want answers damn it.


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