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James Marsters

James Marsters thanks Australian Convention Attendees

Thursday 15 July 2004, by Webmaster


Some fans have informed me that they were told that they cannot bring any gifts for James to the convention. I’ve since spoken to the promoters of the convention and cleared this up. Although I cannot authorize anyone any special time to present their gifts, I do know that you can give it to him when he does his signings. If anyone wants an address in LA to send their gifts, they can send it to: c/o Himber Entertainment, 211 S. Beverly Drive, #208, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 - Steve Himber (manager for James Marsters)

Personal messages from James Marsters

“A huge thank you to all the fans I met while in Australia. Although I didn’t get to see a lot of your country, what I did see I really loved. I was a great convention and I hope to be able to come back again next year. Thanks to the organizers who help make it all run smoothly.” - James

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