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James Marsters

James Marsters would do anything for Joss Whedon

Monday 14 January 2013, by Webmaster

Who’s the coolest, hottest, wittiest, most loveable TV vampire ever to sink his teeth into a jugular vein? Some might think it’s one of those pretty boys from “True Blood” or “The Vampire Diaries,” but here at The Weekly Whedon we know that the Sexiest Vampire Not Alive is Spike. (Sorry, Angel: We’re with the blond Brit all the way.)

James Marsters, the man responsible for giving Spike his swagger, has been dormant in the Whedonverse for a while, but that could certainly change. “I told Joss years ago that if he had one line for me or 50 lines or a lead, wherever I was on Earth I’d come work for him,” Marsters says.

So, a role in “S.H.I.E.L.D.” perhaps? “Yes, yes, yes – whatever he wants.”

Since “Buffy” and “Angel” ended, Marsters has been busy with recurring roles on series like “Hawaii Five-0,” “Smallville,” “Caprica,” “Torchwood” and “Warehouse 13” – the latter three are projects that long-time Whedon writer/producer Jane Espenson has been involved in.

“Jane has been a benefactor for me,” Marsters says. “She’s a really good person – very imaginative, very strong in her ideas, very fearless in her writing and just very nice to hang out with.”

Marsters can next be seen playing a rock star named Declan Horn on this Saturday’s installment of the TBS series “Wedding Band.” Declan is “a man with no problems at all,” which was a refreshing change for the actor. “I play a lot of characters who have pain or are involved in very serious situations, or frankly are assholes,” says Marsters. “And this guy was just a delight.”

And “Wedding Band” offered Marsters another bonus: Like “Once More, With Feeling” on “Buffy,” shooting the episode allowed him to show off his musical talent. Folks who want to experience this talent firsthand can check out his real-life band, Ghost of the Robot, which now includes Marsters’ 16-year-old son, Sullivan.

“They voted him into the band without asking me,” Marsters says of his band mates. But proud Dad says that Sullivan is definitely worthy of his time in the spotlight. “He sings, he plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, a little violin… He’s a genius.”