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James Marsters

James Marsters - "Civilized Man" Album - Exzibit.net Review

Siobhan Lauder

Tuesday 30 August 2005, by Webmaster

A review of James Marsters first solo album since he disbanded Ghost of the Robot.

He was the peroxide blonde vampire turned good on Buffy. Now he proves to the world that his talents don’t just lie in acting. He can write and sing songs rather well too. He was with Ghost of the Robot for about two years. This is his first solo effort. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Katie. Is a rocky track about unrequited love. This is a wonderful upbeat track with a great guitar rift in the middle. In fact the guitar is great all the way through from the into to the end.

Bad. This is a great rocky track with great guitar and a great drum beat. This will make you want to sing along with him.

This Town. This is a softer song. Its sweet and dreamy. A nice ballad that showcases James Marsters soft sexy soulful voice. This is my favourite song on the album.

Smile. This is another soft slow ballad about being in love and blinded by beauty. Its a beautiful chill out song that you can listen to and relax at the same time. Its just James’ voice and a piano. Sweet and simple. This is just a simple song about falling in love.

For what I need. Another rocky track that I am convinced is about James looking to get his leg over. Its a strong and feisty track.

Long time. This is a sad song about a woman James was once in love with. It makes me want to give him a big hug. It really shows of his wonderful voice and vocal range.

Every man thinks god is on his side. This is the only track on the album that James did not write himself. It has a country feel to it. Its a sad song about misfortune and tragedy. Its upbeat and catch though-it makes you want to get up and sing when it gets to the very catchy chorus.

Robyn. Another soft slow ballad about James not wanting to hear about this person named Robyn again. Its a sad mellow song. The kind of song you lie back and shut your eyes and just let the music wash over you.

No promises. Another up tempo song. Has a brilliant guitar intro (i really am impressed with his guitar skills!). It sounds like it is about the beginning of a relationship where promises are made but not kept. Another sing along track.

Patricia. Another upbeat rocky track. Nice simple lyrics. There’s a a cool talky bit in the middle. Its a nice song about a girl he likes but she goes away and now he can’t get to her. Awww.

Civilised Man. This song could easily be about Spike. It includes the lines: went to sleep a long time ago and dont wake me up. The kinda song you wish you could play yourself on the guitar. It just James and his guitar. Clean, simple, wonderful. Kinda bluesy. And when h talks at the end its in a really sexy voice.

Overall I love this album. And the more I listen to it the more I love it. I bought it on blind faith but I am so glad that I did. It is a very welcome and refreshing change from the bland karaoke pop acts today who dont know how to write a song. James has proved that his talents stretch further than just great acting her is also a very talented singer, song writer and guitar player. I really wanna see him live. Bring on the next album!

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  • It is really great! I was worried myself but the second I heard it, I knew enough to be ashamed. This was really good. Actually Patricia is her current girlfriend if I can guess correctly. Anyone who doesn’t have it, run down now and buy it! *goes off to listen*
  • This review is somewhat ... I don’t know

    "omg james is so sweet!"

    I wish I could get a real review

  • Buy the album. Listen to it. You won’t be disappointed. No matter how many reviews you read your own opinion is the only one that matters anyway. This review is right on. My own favs are ’No Promises’ and ’Civilized Man’. JM said that if you want to get to know him listen to the lyrics of his songs. The accompaniment on this album is masterfully done and showcases his voice very nicely. He plays guitar on every track and he plays very well. He also reveals a great deal of emotion in his singing. His voice is addictive. The more you listen to it the more you like it.

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