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Jane Espenson Bids Her Gentle Readers Farewell, Not Goodbye

mardi 9 décembre 2008, par Webmaster

Dear Gentle Readers,

As you have probably noticed, the frequency of these posts has declined in the recent months. I have been telling myself that I will recapture the fire and drive that powered this blog for these last several years, but I suspect that it is now time to face the truth :

I simply have said almost everything that I have to say about writing for television.

It used to be the case that every time I wrote a scene — or watched a scene — a little nugget of writing advice would occur to me. But now I find that I’m consistently being reminded of points that I have already made, examples at which I have already pointed.

I have received hundreds, possibly thousands, of letters during the time I blogged here, all of them kind and thoughtful. Thank you. In fact, some of the letters which remain unaddressed may still be answered in this space as I stumble across answers and notions.

I’m not abandoning this space. I will probably post here from time to time as I continue to learn how to write, and I’ll pass my realizations along to you. I may also use this space as I originally had planned to : as a place to notify you of airdates and personal appearances.

I hope that I will get a second wind, discover an untapped well of writing wisdom to share — I think sometimes it’s necessary simply to practice what one does in order to learn more about how to convey the secrets of doing it.

And, of course, I hope to organize the thoughts I’ve presented here into a book at some future date.

But in any case, I thank you SO MUCH, Gentle Readers, for your time and attention. I have loved talking with you through this medium and I hope I’ll return to it in the future !

Love, Jane (Your Gentle Writer)

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