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Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite - Brick Wall 70’s Photoshoot - High Quality Photos

Thursday 27 July 2006, by Webmaster

Jewel Staite - Brick Wall 70’s Photoshoot - High Quality Photos - Gallery

IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-01-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-01-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-02-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-02-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-03-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-03-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-04-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-04-1500.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-05-0750.jpg IMG/jpg/jewel-staite-brick-wall-70s-photoshoot-hq-05-1500.jpg

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  • JS is one of those rare specimens that looks better without the make-up. She’s not a blank canvas for "arteests" to express themselves on. Actually, a lot of women look better without the Sherwin-Williams treatment. Maybe they could try a smudge of engine grease for old times sake?