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Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite - "Stargate Atlantis" Tv Show - Details & Photo about her role

Thursday 14 July 2005, by Webmaster

’Instinct’ delves into Wraith biology

An upcoming episode of Stargate Atlantis will explore the biology and development of the evil Wraith. Now, in The SCI FI Channel’s new behind-the-scenes special "SCI FI Inside: SCI FI Friday," actress Torri Higginson shared a bit about the premise of Season Two’s "Instinct."

"We actually just shot an episode where there was a child Wraith," Higginson said. "We’re talking about how the Wraith are half-human, half-bug. ... The human attributes sort of are stronger the first 15 years of their life, and then they are weaned into life-sucking."

The Atlantis team encounters just such a young Wraith in the episode.

SCI FI’s special also showed the first look at the female Wraith character, played by actress Jewel Staite (Firefly).

The insect creatures that share an evolutionary history with the Wraith were introduced in Season One’s "Thirty Eight Minutes." Dr. Beckett theorized in "The Gift" that the Wraith evolved when the Ancients seeded the bug’s planet with human life; when the bugs fed on human life-force, it somehow incorporated human DNA into its make-up.

"Instinct" will air early in Atlantis’s second season, in late August or early September. Learn more about this and other upcoming episodes in GateWorld’s episode guide!