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Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite answers Twitter questions for her new blog

Saturday 21 August 2010, by Webmaster

If you like Jewel Staite as Kaylee from Firefly and Serenity and Dr. Jennifer Keller from Stargate: Atlantis, you’ll love the REAL Jewel Staite! That’s why we’re so pleased she’s agreed to join us regularly here at Blastr to answer your questions and share whatever happens to be on her mind.

Hello and welcome to my very first blog for Blastr! I’m absolutely thrilled to be blogging on this site, and even more thrilled that my ramblings will not have to be reduced to 140 characters or less!

However, as you know, we actors need constant inspiration, and so I called upon the creative minds of my Twitter followers (www.twitter.com/jewelstaite if you want to join the dark side—and yes, that was a shameless plug, don’t judge me) for some juicy questions to answer for my blog. And man, was I ever flooded with the juicy! Since my very first blog can’t exactly be 50,000 words (nobody likes a rambler. Oh, wait....), I’ve only picked 10 to answer for now.

"Will there be a Serenity 2?" did not, sadly, make the list. Because I’m already asked that on a daily basis.

Shall we?

#1: What would be your dream job that a character of yours would have in a movie?

Superhero. I would even settle for Superhero Sidekick, as long as I got to beat up at least one bad guy. This qualifies as a job, right? How much do Superheroes get paid?

#2: Top five favorite albums, the ones you’d bring to a desert island?

This is, obviously, impossible to answer. So thanks a lot. But I would say that right now at this moment in time, the albums are as follows:
 Ingrid Michaelson: "Everybody"
 Robert Plant/Alison Krauss: "Raising Sand"
 Elbow: "The Seldom Seen Kid"
 Stanley Turrentine: "Never Let me Go"
 Amy Winehouse: "Back to Black" (remember what I said about the judging?)

#3: Will you be appearing on Stargate: Universe?

That’s a great question. Did you hear that one, Syfy? Thoughts? I still have the same phone number, in case you were wondering how to reach me! Unless you want me in prosthetics, in which case, I’m super slammed. With, like, this blog. And stuff.

#4: What character that you’ve ever played has been the most opposite of you in real life?

The goth girl from Dead Like Me. I’m not a fan of the black vinyl and matching lipstick. I know that’s coming as a shocking surprise to you all.

#5: You can invite five people to dinner, past, present, real, fictional, alive, or dead. Who’d it be?

Again, it’s impossible to think of only five. And even more impossible to figure out the menu! But I’ll try my best. Off the top of my head:
 Meryl Streep. And after dessert, I would lock her in my basement until she taught me everything she knew.
 Chef Thomas Keller, so he could do the cooking.
 Django Reinhardt, to provide the music.
 Conan O’Brien, to make us laugh.
 And Sawyer from Lost. Cuz he’s hot.

#6: Would you rather be a murderer or a victim if you were offered a role on Capt. Tightpants’ Castle?

Well, since the victim’s usually dead by the first commercial break, I’m going with murderer. Or Castle’s rival. Or his gardener. Does he have a garden? Just joking! I never miss an episode!

#7: Who do you think would win in a fight: Sheppard and Ronan, or Mal and Jayne?

Guys. Let’s be real. Sheppard and Ronan are a great team and all, but Mal and Jayne fight dirty. They don’t need P90s to win a fight. Plus, they have one heck of a backup team: a rifle-toting super-hot soldier in leather, a lethal holy man, and oh ya! River "the Terminator" Tam! I know I’m going to get flak for this, but I’m just being honest. If it were Teyla and Ronan, however.......

#8: If all the characters you’ve played got into a talent contest, who do you think would win?

I’m going to go with Dr. Keller. Fixing someone’s brain kind of trumps all other talents, don’t you think?

#9: Ever been asked to autograph a body part you’ve refused to?

I’ve been asked to autograph many a strange item, such as scythes, report cards, birth certificates, pictures of Kirsten Dunst (the resemblance is striking), stargates in every shape and size, pictures of Paul McGillion (again, we could be sisters), Jayne hats aplenty, and one boob. And I haven’t refused anything yet. But Dragon*Con is coming up, so I may have to change my answer after that.

#10: Do you sometimes wish you could explore your dark side?

Do I ever! Playing the villain is So. Much. Fun. I’ve only played a couple in my career, and I’m itching to do it again! Especially if it’s a superhero villain! I’m not going to drop this superhero thing any time soon. Better get used to it.

Thank you for all the great questions! And a double thank you for reading this, especially all the way to the end! I always appreciate yet another outlet for me to express my gratitude to the fans for their endless support and senses of humor. Who knows? Blastr may actually let me do this again sometime. Or not? :)

Until then,

Yours truly, and always hungry, Jewel