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Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite blogs about Flanvention 2 Cancellation

Monday 11 December 2006, by Webmaster

8 December 2006

Merry almost Christmas!

Where to start?

I should be in LA at the Flanvention right now, but as all of you know, that’s been cancelled at the last-LAST minute, and so here I sit in Vancouver, wondering what could have been. Sigh. I am so disappointed! I was really looking forward to coming down and seeing everybody once again, having some of my favorite sushi, shopping, and partying with you Flanners, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t in the cards. Don’t ask me what happened-I truly have very little idea of the actual facts of it-but please know that if I were in LA right now, I’d still come and say hi. Without going into it too much, a lot of us lost quite a bit on this thing, so you’re not the only ones (I actually declined an invitation to another event altogether and had to reschedule some other things that were very difficult to get around, but I really wanted to come). What else can I say? It fuckin’ sucks. I hope you guys have a great time at the hotel anyway, and hopefully it’ll work out next time.

Also: I know the Tribe trailer is up online right now, and thank you to everyone who had such kind words to say about it! (And to the people who didn’t, I didn’t like your movie trailer either). But let me clarify a few things: this trailer is a work in progress; a lot of the film still hasn’t been color-corrected, the sound and effects are temp, and it’s still in the making-seriously, I’m still doing reshoots on it in January. It’s going to be a fun movie though, lots of action and suspense, a few thrills, creepy things in the woods... But let me set you straight: it’s not Lost. It really has nothing to do with Lost, other than the fact that we’re on a beautiful (seemingly) deserted island. There are no Daniel Day Kim’s, (damn), no Josh Holloways(double damn), no Matthew Fox’s (why, God, why??), and no Others... but there is something that will scare the living daylights out of you, trust me. It’s not really a horror movie. I detest most horror movies with no point, but this story definitely has one. It’s about a journey, it’s about strength, and most of all it’s about standing up on your own. Be prepared to have fun when you see it!

And finally, lets talk about Stargate: Atlantis, because most of you are, and I’ve been getting a ton of questions about the thing, so lets just get it out in the open. I know it’s finally been revealed that Paul McGillion is leaving the show, and since I’m coming on the show, a lot of you have it in your head that I’m "replacing" him. First of all, our characters are quite different from each other. Second of all, Paul has a penis, so we’re quite opposite from each other. Third of all, I’m not a regular cast member and I’ve only signed on to do a certain number of episodes (not 15-or at least that was news to me when I heard that on the internet!). One thing I should tell you is that Paul and I are very close friends. He lives three blocks away from me (in my mom’s building— how weird and random is that?) and we see each other all the time. I can honestly say he’s one of the sweetest and most lovely people to work with (the crew of Atlantis raves about him), and I really just adore him. I can’t comment on the why in terms of his character’s absense in the next season, but the best thing about sci fi is nothing is forever! It’s like soap operas-like, maybe in Serenity 2 Wash will have an evil identical twin! (Yeah, Joss, I know, that idea sucks-and if it doesn’t suck and you actually write that one day, I want credit for it) Anyway, I’m really excited about coming on to Atlantis and playing another prodigy-genius mechanic to genius doctor, I am truly moving up in the world! Maybe next time I’ll play the president! heh heh. Just please have an open mind, and don’t hate me-it’s not my fault. I’m just an actor who jumped at the chance to work with a really fun cast in my favorite city (mine) and play a young smarty pants MD with a cool uniform. Can you blame me?

Lastly, I’m off to Arizona at the very beginning of the new year for Dark Con, and then hopefully another trip I can’t say too much about quite yet... but Paris may be in the cards, at least on the way to our final destination, and viva la shop till I drop is happening, no matter what Matty says!

Best wishes for a beautiful and peaceful holiday season.

Love Jewel