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John Glover In Smallville Magazine #3 - Transcript Interview

Friday 26 November 2004, by xanderbnd

John Glover In Smallville Magazine #3 An interview with John Glover is another one of the great feaures of the third issue of Titan’s Official Smallville Magazine. The issue is due to be released on November 23, although some stores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble have apparently received their copies early.

Here are some highlights from John’s interview, conducted by Paul Simpson:

John Glover on "Memoria" and his TV family: "That was wonderful. I had the chance to play with Michael as Lex, and then with the wonderful Wayne Dalglish. To go back to the root of what happened and where the sickness began between us was just wonderful, and to put all that love there in the beginning. Remember that scene with the birthday party about the box? There was such love there, and to have that color on top of the difficulty that I have with grown-up Lex riding underneath — it was so wonderful. I so appreciated that chance."

On that same episode’s Lillian Luthor, and a possible sequel to "Memoria": "Miles was sayin that they might have our trio back in a flashback form. Alisen Down, as small as that role was of Lillian, was so stunning. I wish we could have another episode where we go back to that time with Alisen and Wayne, they were so wonderful."

These quotes are only scratching the surface. Pick up the magazine to find out what Glover thought of working with Rutger Hauer, see him talk about his leading ladies, and find out why he sometimes wishes the show had been titled Lionel.

Smallville Magazine #3 also includes up-to-date Smallville news, a guide to the show’s many meteor freaks, interviews with Kristin Kreuk and Ken Biller, and much more. Don’t miss it! Stay tuned for more details soon!