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From Iesb.net

John Schneider At Spongebob Premiere - Iesb.net Video Interview

Tuesday 16 November 2004, by xanderbnd

IESB caught up with John "Papa Kent" Schneider recently at a Premiere in Hollywood. We had a few questions regarding the future of Smallville, the new Superman feature film and also how he felt about the Dukes of Hazard movie that is in the works.

Always, the gentleman, John Schneider was kind enough to stop and talk with us for a few.

He feels that Smallville is doing really well. Although, with the death of Christopher Reeve he is unsure how the storyline with Dr. Swan will play out. But he is confident that the season will continue to be strong and going in the right direction.

John also had a few thoughts regarding the new feature film Superman. Had he been approached to be in the film or cameo in it? No, he chuckled, he has not ever been contacted to be in the film. We asked how he felt about Brandon Routh being cast as the Man of Steel. Schneider was unaware that WB had made a decision. We informed him that he is an unknown actor and he said that is what needed to be done.

The new Dukes of Hazard film in the works starring Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville apparently holds no interest for Schneider. Would he say yes to a cameo? No, not at all. Schneider said, "I wouldn’t drive into that movie even with your car." He has reservations about it taking the route of Ben Stiller’s rendition of Starsky and Hutch and doesn’t want to see it parodied.

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