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John Schneider on... Directing "Talisman"

Tuesday 20 July 2004, by xanderbnd

Another face we caught up with at the WB’s 2004 Summer All-Star Party was Mr. Jonathan Kent himself, John Schneider. We asked him about his Smallville directorial debut, "Talisman," and if he’d like to direct another episode of the series...

"I would love to direct another episode, because I was so impressed with the hidden abilities of not only the actors and actresses on the show, but of the crew, and of the people who write it. Acting is easy. Actors don’t really dissect anything but what they’re doing. But as a director, you’ve got to dissect the whole thing. That’s when I found out why Smallville is doing so well, because of the talent that’s behind it, and under it, and around it."