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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - About recent topics - Tvguidemagazine.com Interview

Monday 9 November 2009, by Webmaster

Sure, Joss Whedon is still working on Dollhouse (and we’ll tell you all about that next week), but he’s got lots of other things going and he tells TV Guide Magazine all about it.

How’s your deal going to buy the rights to the Terminator franchise? You put up a couple of bucks, I hear.

I haven’t heard back but I’ve made it clear that this is a non-exclusive offer that other people can have the rights, too. I just have them also. That’s a good bargaining chip. You crunch those numbers and that’s $10,000! That’s a lot of money. I will say for the record, as a bargaining chip, I’m willing to go up to $15,000.

Some people have been awfully hostile about your offer. What’s that’s about?

I was just joking with my friends! I was depressed one morning and I thought ‘Ah, I’ll cheer myself up,” because I had seen that and thought, “Gosh, I wish I had the wherewithal to buy the Terminator franchise. That would be amazing.’ So as a lark, I decided to make a pitch during my morning tea and then people were like—“Oh my God! Are you insane!” No, are you? I will say for the record, no one loves the Terminator franchise more than I do. I’m not joking about that part. I loved the series. Josh Freidman did an amazing job and he’s hard-core. I loved the Terminator movies. I always wanted to make Terminator movies since I saw one, even before I saw one, I wanted to make a Terminator movie.

On the really happening front, aren’t you directing an episode of Glee?

I am.

Is Glee your new favorite show?

That would be an exactly correct assessment. With Sarah Connor and Battlestar gone, my wife and I need a new obsession and it landed in my lap. And sang to us!

Are any Dr. Horrible or Buffy songs on the performance roster?

I would have to say a resonant ‘no way.’ The episode isn’t about me. It’s the next episode of Glee. Hopefully my hands will be invisible on the show. You’ll just go, “Why, that is remarkably good. It gives me glee.” That is my hope. I’ll be shooting in March.

What’s the latest on the sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog?

Sad looks from the writers to each other, going “Why is making Dollhouse so hard? We have to write Dr. Horrible.” We have an outline, a wonderful concept, two songs, and general song placement. It really just needs the time. I’m going to win/win. Either I get the time or I don’t because of Dollhouse. Either way it’s a success.

Will the entire cast be back?

I like to think they’ll show up. Yeah. Those people, I don’t just work with them because they’re crazy talents, I work with them because they’re the best people I know. They walk over coals. They do it all the time, so yeah, they’ll be back.

So do you love or loathe the fan video faux sequel to Dr. Horrible, Horrible Turn? Have you seen it?

As long as they’re not charging for it, I think it’s adorable. As long as it doesn’t become copyright infringement, I think it’s itsy kitschy glitzy.