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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - "Astonishing X-Men" Comic Book - Marvel.com Podcast

Wednesday 8 February 2006, by Webmaster

Joss Whedon Podcast

12 issues ago, a new book debuted from two incredibly gifted creators. Comics history was made. They weren’t just good. They were ASTONISHING! Now, JOSS WHEDON and JOHN CASSADAY are back for more surprises, more thrills, and more of what makes Astonishing X-Men so darn... well, astonishing!

Recently, Joss - the father of Buffy the Vampire Slayer himself - stopped by to let us in on his thoughts about the history of the X-Men, his first 12 issues of Astonishing X-Men, and what the future holds. Fortunately, the microphone was on, and we got it all in this exclusive podcast. So sit back and give a listen, then go out and reserve your copy of ASTONISHING X-MEN 13 today!

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