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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - "Astonishing X-Men" Comic Book - Issue 26 - Newsarama.com Review

Monday 30 April 2007, by Webmaster

Runaways #26 - Writer: Joss Whedon - Artist: Michael Ryan - From: Marvel Comics - Reviewed by: Richard Renteria

Picking up immediately following events from last issue, the Runaways must runaway, and fast. After fighting off numerous enemies and Molly giving a gut check to the Punisher, the kids begin to realize that maybe working for Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, may not have been such a good idea after all. Realizing the device as something that was potentially created by his parents, Chase and the group make a fateful decision. A decision that begins in a roomful of ninjas and ends in the last place the kids could have expected.

Joss Whedon is doing a wonderful job of filling in for BKV on Runaways (yeah, I know, he’s gone, but a person can dream). Packed full of dialogue, this issue lives or dies by the interactions of the Runaways and the various individuals out to get them. To make matters worse a member is seriously injured and requires immediate medical attention, which adds a nice layer of suspense to the story. Whedon also does a great job of giving a reason why the Kingpin is in New York without dwelling on it, an explanation that will prove acceptable to most readers. His use of the Punisher, while fun, was not something that sits well with me. The Punisher I know exists in the MAX titles, not the Power Pack Universe, but in the context of the story it worked well enough.

Michael Ryan continues his amazing work on this title. He’s really coming into his own and his powerful pencils do a lot to help progress the story. Even during the times when the issue gets wordy, Ryan’s art never gets in the way of the story. Ryan’s knack at detailing emotions takes one giant leap forward this issue as the kids are thrust from one situation to another at an almost breakneck speed and the art never lets up.

Whedon and Ryan continue their successful run on the title and take no shortcuts in delivering a great story. This issue was a fun read that should leave the reader wanting more with the reveal on the last page.