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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - Comic Con 2011 - Comicbookresources.com Video Interview

Thursday 4 August 2011, by Webmaster

CBR TV @ CCI: Joss Whedon on “Buffy: Season 9″ & “The Avengers

Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and director of Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers,” spoke with CBR’s Kiel Phegley at Comic-Con International in San Diego about the upcoming “Buffy: Season Nine” comic series, juggling his work on “Avengers” with the comic’s new season and his plans to dial back the widescreen action from “Season Eight,” returning to the character’s roots as well as the level of interaction fans can expect between the various Buffyverse titles.

Whedon also discusses the influences of the various comic incarnations of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will and has had on his “Avengers” film as well as the feeling of having the Avengers assemble on set, in costume, while he and the actors all geek out.