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Joss Whedon - "Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long" Musical - On The Set - Lifeofreilly.livejournal.com Report

Thursday 27 March 2008, by Webmaster

Yesterday was exhausting and awesome.

**Note: This post and all related posts about my experience with the filming of Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog will be absolutely spoiler free. I saw every scene they filmed at my place and I have a few camera phone pictures but I will not be letting those out of my possession or posting them until the show goes live. No one asked me not to but I imagine that is because they believed me to a.) have half a brain and b.) not be a complete jackass. It’s simple common courtesy. I will not put out any spoilers or any photos of anything they did at my house. I’m fine with putting up pictures of my house because I already have a billion of those floating out on the internet.

Okay, I’ll post one photo...


**Ok, this feels weird. I want to say "Joss Whedon" because I don’t want to come off sounding pretentious, like we’re bestest pals. We’re not. He knows my name, he introduced himself to me as Joss and I was *literally* working with or helping the film crew for most of the day. I talked with his kids who came to visit him on set. If I see him in the market I’ll call him Joss and he *might* remember my name. But he’s not coming over for dinner anytime soon and I’m not in his phone book. But if they want make more of these, they are of course more than welcome to use my house again and it is certainly cheaper than building their own lair.**

Anyway, Joss needed a lair for his Supervillain and I happen to *live* in one.. They were incredulous when Otto told him that he knows someone who lives IN the exact place he needed. My friend Otto was the AD on this film and was actually the reason they were shooting at my house. Joss wanted / needed an apartment that had been turned in to a Evil Super Villain Lair with a couch and place for a computer. Apparently they didn’t really believe him that he knew someone with Just The Place- they thought he might have just known someone who had a lab bench set up in their house or something. Oh no. When they saw the pictures from the location scout, they were *very* pleasantly surprised.

When they arrived at my house last week for a tech scout, they were utterly blown away. I was in. They were very excited about using my house for this project and they all fell in love with my dog.

So- cut to they day of the shoot.

The film crew began arriving at a little after 7am and didn’t completely leave ("Tail lights") until 11pm. This was an hour later than their estimate to me, but that seems to be about the norm. There was minimal fall out (as far as I was concerned) and they put everything back about as exact as someone *could*. They took pictures before they moved *anything* and put it all back right where they got it.

The load-in process was crazy. Everyone showed up over a 20 minute period and they set up the generator, dressing room truck, grip / lighting truck and craft services in 30 minutes. It was stressful for Amanda who forgot they were coming this early and she got up and fled the house as soon as she was able. We had to have the crew move a few things so she could get her car out of the driveway but it worked out.

At one point I mentioned the Joss and NPH when they were taking a look around "Ok, now you’ve seen my DVD collection. I’ve been outed as a geek."

"Right. (looking at my house) The DVD collection gave it away." (laughs) "We’re all geeks man, we just get to make this stuff!"

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