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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Joss Whedon - "Dr. Horrible 2" Web Series - Eonline.com Interview

Wednesday 27 January 2010, by Webmaster

"Are we making a movie starring me anytime? Just checking. OK, love you. No pressure."

What’s that you ask? Oh, that’s just Neil Patrick Harris, as voiced by TV mastermind Joss Whedon, checking with his Dr. Horrible boss before accepting any other movie/TV/Broadway/awards-show-hosting gigs. Too cute, right?

We just caught up with Whedon himself and got scoop on everything from when Dr. Horrible 2 gets underway and whether or not NPH might actually guest in the upcoming, Joss-directed episode of Glee to what happens in Whedonland after the Dollhouse closes this coming Friday. Wanna see the future of Whedon’s world? Here’s the scoop from the man himself:

More Horrible: So what about that long-awaited sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog? "Sadly, my collaborators don’t have more time on their hands," Joss teases, with a shrug. "They all have other jobs, which I think is both rude and disgusting." (He’s kidding.)

"We very much want to do it. We meet, we hammer out stuff, we have songs, we have ideas, we’re really working it, but it’s a slow-moving train. We’re very passionate about it, and Neil’s been great," says Joss. And as mentioned above, "He’s always checking in before he takes a gig."

Gleegasm: But what about reports that Joss and NPH could reunite on Glee? As you know, Joss Whedon is set to direct an episode of Fox’s hit musical series later this season, and rumor has it that show producers want Harris to guest star in that very episode. Is that really happening?

"That’s something that’s trying to be worked out, but I haven’t heard whether or not that’s going to take place. I hope so, that’d be great, [but] I don’t know anything about it. I’m just a director on hire for that," Joss says about his plans for helming an episode of Glee this March. "I’m a huge fan, [so] I’m going to show up and hopefully put the cameras somewhere useful."

Believe it or not, Joss is such a big fan of the musical goodness, his main goal is to keep his cool while working on the series.

"I’m going to try to not stalk anyone. That’s going to be my big ambition," he jokes. "I practiced on Jamie Bamber, and I didn’t stalk him for eight days on that episode of Dollhouse. I think I can rock it. I think I’ll be OK."

What’s Next? Glee gig aside, Joss asks that fans please bear with him while he figures out his next move. "I do hope to create something in this calendar year, as well as do jobs for other people, but I haven’t investigated anything besides Glee," which he explains is a huge passion project for him. "That’ll actually take a chunk of time. It means a lot to me—I really want to get it right. So that’ll eat up the better part of a month, intellectually, so I’m holding out for a Joss Whedon joint."

What do you think Joss Whedon should do next, and where should he do it? Plus, who do you think NPH should play on Glee? Hit the comments with your ideas.