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Joss Whedon - "Mutant Enemy Day" in Los Angeles - Fan Report

Sunday 9 December 2007, by Webmaster

Dec 7, 2007. Mutant Enemy Day. A day that will be remembered in history as the day the Mutants and the Enemies united with the Writers. Fans, Actors, and Gods of Writing worked together in uniting against the diabolical networks. The Writers Strike had been steadily losing steam. News agencies had quit even so much as commenting on it, and it seemed the issue might fizzle entirely. The Network Dragon slumbered. That was before December 7, 2007 : Mutant Enemy Day. Around 400 people picketed outside the offices of Fox studios. ELiza Dushku, Joss Whedon, Amy Acker, Marti Noxon, The One True B!X, David Fury, The Other Jim, Mike from Texas, RavenU, Adam, Juliet Landau, J August Richard, Doug Petrie, Brett Mathews, Amy (the extra), Felicia Day, Jane Espenson, ...No, I’m not going to list all 400 (note, don’t try googling all these names...some are just folks). But the crowd attracted attention. It attracted the attention of Sarah Michelle Geller Prinze who brought 1,000 boxes of donuts. It attracted the attention of a number of news agencies, who showed up and did spontaneous interviews. It attracted the attention of the network dragon. In the words of the Japanese General, "we have awakened the sleeping dragon." In the words of Angel, from Season 7, series finale, "I kind of want to slay the Dragon."

Okay enough lead in, here’s what you missed.

Vincent Mikey and I We arrived around 7:30 and met the one guy who beat us there, Vincent. We ate morning muffins together and discussed who we hoped to meet...he and Monique (my wife) had both hoped to meet the same people. So throughout the day whenever they saw each other they would throw a quick strategy meet,

"Hey did you see ... ?"

"Yeah, I got a picture, did you?"

"Yeah!" High Five. (more on the High five’s later.)

Kazumi, one of our dear friends from SoCal soon joined us and carried our extra picket sign for us. Another dear friend, Mike from Texas arrived soon after. We spend much of our day with Kazumi, and Mike but her day seemed to be taken up Mikey and Camdenwith Camden Toy. I think they walked the picket line together for about 20 laps. Then our oldest, Mikey walked another four with him. I wonder if Camden even had a chance to meet anybody else. He is the first star we met at Monique’s first convention, and well he’s practically family now. (In fact my youngest had a dream about him on the way home...well sort of. He dreaMichael Fairman and Imed of the Gentlemen "who’s heads explode" and he asked us how Camden’s head exploded. Too bad he didn’t ask Camden that while we were there.) Camden remains one of the friendliest most appreciative of famous people. We just love that guy. Mike from Texas, spent many laps in tow with Michael Fehrman (Nishka). Monique accompanied them a lap or two and found that in person Mr Fehrmen is VERY different from the torturing murderous character her portrayed on Firefly.

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