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Joss Whedon Now Free To Do Sailor Moon Live Action Movie - The bad rumor is back

Wednesday 7 February 2007, by Webmaster

Access Hollywood got the chance to talk with a Fox Studios worker in Century City, who revealed that one of the major movie studios is looking to quickly sign Joss Whedon as the director of the Sailor Moon live action movie, now that he is free from the Wonder Woman big screen adaptation. Also, a list of unconfirmed actresses attached to the movie that the studio has already contacted for main roles.

About a year ago, rumors said that Joss Whedon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) was attached to direct the live action version of the popular anime “Sailor Moon” after doing Wonder Woman. Now that Whedon is off the WW project it’s likely that he will take on the Sailor Moon movie right away, or at least that’s what Fox wants.

When the Sailor Moon movie was reported last year, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Garner were both set to play starring roles, but both now dropped out. This time new casting announcements include; Maggie Grace, Julie Gonzalo, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel, Danielle Panabaker, A.J. Cook, Rachel Blanchard, Mischa Barton, Deanna Casaluce, Amanda Righetti, Elisa Donovan and Emma Caulfield.

The plot will be a complete new story based on Naoko Takeuchi’s (Sailor Moon creator) unreleased material. Whedon is also developing a horror movie called “Goner”.

Here is an unconfirmed list of actresses and the characters they are supposed to play:

Mischa Barton -----Sailor Moon
Alexis Bledel ----- Sailor Mercury
Julie Gonzalo ----- Sailor Venus
Amber Tamblyn ----Sailor Jupiter
Deanna Casaluce --- Sailor Mars
Danielle Panabaker--- Sailor Neptune
Maggie Grace ----- Sailor Uranus

A.J. Cook, Elisa Donovan, Amanda Righetti, Emma Caulfield and Rachel Blanchard would play the main villains.

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  • Here is my list of the actor how should plays the character:
     Sailor Moon: Mischa Barton (She is Perfetct because she got the same type of face).
     Sailor Mars: seriously Deana is the worst choice... I love her but she is to skinny an the role of mars should be play by Jessica Sutta (Pussycat Dolls) or Nan Zhang (Gossip Girl).
     Sailor venus: Julie Gonzalo...beautiful! or another blond beauty.
     Sailor Mercury: Alexis Bledel, Emily Rossum, etc... someone whith a sweet face :)
     Sailor Jupiter: MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD!!!! She got the look! Maybe Michelle Trachtenberg, or Leighton Meester.

    Tell me wath do you think about this list. (Sorry for my english... i’m french:))

  • OMG!!! First off im sooo excited this movie might be a reality cuz i’ve loved SailorMoon since I was very young and not to mention it was my first anime too so it holds a special place in my heart ^_^

    But in totally honesty OMG! these have got to be the worst castings ever for the characters! the absolute worst and it would make the movie tank and i dont want one of my fave animesto be complete ruined by these bad choices made by people who obviously havent put any real thought into it, So please reconsider the casting choices for the main characters, PLEASE! Go with people more appropriate with the roles, like really make an effort to figure out which actress looks bests/suits the character best, not to mention they have to actually be in the right age range dont go casting a 26 yr old to play a 14 yr old sailor scout unless they can absolutely totally pull it off and look good doing it!

    Personally I think...

    Lindsay Lohan woulda made a fabulous Sailor Mars (cuz no offence but she does have this whole b*tch look) Sailor Moon & Sailor Venus I thought the olsen twins cuz both Venus and Moon look alike so that would be why Sailor Jupiter I thought Jessica Biel cuz well personally i think she fits the role just nice as tough hot chick so yah it works( i know i said no one old but she just fits so its an exception) Sailor Mercury would Mandy Moore shes so cute and innocent just like Mercury Tuxedo Mask would have to be Jake Gyllenhaal and believe me I thought about this one long and hard cuz Darien is well.. he had to be picked right, it just has to be the right guy and Jake is it plus if i think about it he has like this princely vibe and if you picture him in Dariens prince armor he fills it out quite right not to mention he is hot like darien and has the dark hair and blue eyes like Darien so this is a definite must! no other can fill the position! and if you find one make sure he has the dark hair and light eyes, has the prince vibe going on and is HOT! As for the others i havent really thought about them, the outer sailors arent really that involved like the main 5 scouts so but if your were to pick them again they have to be right! As for the villian Susan Sarandon would make a good Beryl she has this mean look that reminds me of the evil queen lol anyway other suggestions that are alternative and might be acceptible are.. (and yes some might be in theyre 20’s but they are cuz they fit the bill and can possibly pull it off so theyre an exception or i guess it can be the sailor scouts more grown up like a time skip and this story takes place after the whole thing and time has passed and its like yrs later where theyre in their 20s and going to university and/or college then that totally makes sense which i would totally love and would be so great not to mention opens a wider casting net)< and if thats the case then more possibilities like... Mercury - Natalie Portman or Mandy Moore Jupiter - Jessica Biel or Keira Knightly(but shed have to wear contacts, grow the hair out and put on some weight cuz lita isnt a stick, muscle weight though) Megan Fox is another contender for this one though she could be better of as Mars too hmm I don’t know, I haven’t quite decided yet Neptune - Kristin Kreuk Mars - Lindsay Lohan or Sophia Bush(at first glance you think "Sophia? no!" but then you think about it and then you think o yah that works) Tuxedo Mask - Jake Gyllenhaal no ifs and or buts about it, this one has to be it! FINAL! Venus - Ashley olsen(cuz of the reason stated above) or Julie Gonzalo (this one i agree with but i had no idea that was her name though, if i had known that was her name from the begining i wouldnt have objected to it lol) and or possibly also Kristen Bell (im in between this one cuz she can be Moon too so yah im in between i dont know yet lol) Moon - Mary_kate Olsen(for reason stated above) Kirsten Bell or Rachel McAdams (though again this one I’m up in the air about cuz i think she could do venus as well *sigh*)

    *sigh* so many tough decisions to make, i’m sure theyre are other actresses out there that i havent thought of but these are the only ones i can come up with at the moment so...
    - and as for the other characters i can’t think of any at the moment so, thats up to you and you better cast wisely! well anyway those actresses would be the ones for those roles if they were to pick up the plot yrs later when the girls are in their 20’s, which I think would be a most suitable thing to do for the plot. Anyway I think these are the best candidates, please choose wisely(casting wise) before you confirm anything same goes for the story/plot how you tell it and how its done, and good luck with the movie, it better be good!

    I’m giving you good tips here for this movie so it wont tank and believe me theyll be plenty of people ready with their claws and fangs out critique this movie to a T so dont be dumb and dismiss these tips and trash them, take these tips to heart and consider them if you want to do it right(the movie) if it ever gets made.

    well anyway i’ve put my 2 cents, good luck with everything, i hope you do it right and dont ruin it!

    Sincerely, Useful Advice.

  • lol if only that wasn’t complete b.s.
  • hmm, with Dragon Ball becoming a reality, I wouldn’t doubt that this would happen, thank goodness like the old rumors AGES ago, it’s not going to be Melissa Joan Heart as Sailor Moon...that would have killed me. I liked the casting of characters in the latest Sailor moon live action series in Japan, even gave a good explanation to the blond hair, it’s just part of the disguise. I don’t mind an original adaptation, but I honestly hope they stay true to the characters. And no the Olsen twins would not be a good Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus...that would make me hurl into my own mouth.
  • I think Joss Whedon will do a great job with Sailor Moon! I am a fan of Buffy and Sailor Moon and think his sense of humor would be perfect, as this movie could get hokey really fast.