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Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon - Some Nice Things on Moviehole.net Mailbag

Friday 16 September 2005, by Webmaster

Ladies & gentlemen, hopefully you all are having a great week so far, but most importantly looking forward to that most important of times, the weekend. I’m back once again while Clint recovers from his celebrity schmoozing’s so far this week, but before I open up the old MailBag, a reminder of this week’s question in “The Weeksly Late Edition” which is: “What was the most pointless remake of a film ever made, and why?”, so don’t forget to get your answers to me here adam@moviehole.net. Now, on with the show!

Good work on the Joss interview - and thanks again for your support of the film Clint! Carson.

Yes, let’s all congratulate Clint, he gets too little praise as it is...... *Ahem*, no, from all accounts, Joss is a top shelf fella, so he deserves all the good stuff coming his way. Always happy to support the good guys.

Clint, Thanks for the great interview (Joss) - that’s wonderful. Anything “off the record” u can tell us would be great? Hint hint....whats HE really like, for instance? And did u see the film again for the interview? PerthBrowncoat

The man himself responds: Dear PerthBrowncoat, Thanks for the comments. Anything off-the-record? Well, just to say there’s some real steam gathering around the telemovies - got the indication that they might be giving each of the remaining characters their own ’movie of the week’ - which would be great. As for a "Serenity" sequel - it’s looking good. Most though - is in the article. Joss? He’s seriously a genuinely down-to-earth guy. I’ve interviewed a swarm of folks over the years and I tell ya - it always impresses me when I meet someone who’s frank, and just all-round polite. So many celebs aren’t that way - I won’t name names - but there’s a select few that are. Can’t say enough good about, for instance, Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman, The Rock, Tom Jones, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Travolta......but there’s plenty I could say about those that "don’t deserve to be where they are". Joss isn’t one of them. He seriously deserves the recognition he’s getting. Talked to Nick Park of "Wallace and Gromit" fame last week - and he was another one, such a nice bloke. Yes, I saw the film, for a second-time, at the Q&A session in Melbourne last night. The film was better first-time around, naturally, but it still holds together really well. Have a feeling it may make my top10 list this year. It’s a near-flawless little flick that I hope fans new and old rush out to see. Thanks again for your comments, Clint.

First I what to say thanks for answering all my previous questions. I was also wondering if you could tell me if there are any plans of the “Lethal Weapon” movies to get some type of special edition the first three movies are plain when it comes to special features. I was also wondering if and when the movie “Eddie and the Cruisers 2: Eddie Lives” might be released on DVD or the TV show “Wings”. Thanks again, AJ

AJ, I guess it all depends on what you call “special”, but at the moment, you really can’t get anything outside of the “Director’s Cut” editions, which you can start off with right here. There are loads of people out there looking for “Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives”, and after a bit of digging around, the good news is that I’ve found an official copy, but the bad news is you’re gonna need a multi-region DVD player to be able to watch it. You can take a look right here, and be only a few weeks away from happiness. As far as “Wings” goes, still no word from here or overseas as yet to a potential release, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

What’s Ya’ll?

Just wanting some info on 4 movies I have been following but haven’t heard nothing lately maybe you guys can help. “Jurassic Park 4”: What’s going on with it? I seen the “teaser poster” and “script” but I wanna know is this movie stomping on theatres anytime soon? “The Jetsons” Live-Action movie is it gonna happen? “The Dukes of Hazzard II” ..anyone? I loved the movie I hope the 2nd will be more true to the show if it happens...will it? “Jaws 5” I hear that Steven wants to remake his classic.. Is this true? Thanks, Rey.

What’s Ya’ll? What’s Ya’ll! You mean to tell me that you’ve just sat through “Dukes Of Hazzard” and you don’t know that ya’ll is an abbreviation of “you all”? Jeez....

Anyway, as far as the questions go, here’s the answers I can tell you: “Jurassic Park 4” - The last I heard, Steven Spielberg is keen on Directing the next instalment himself, but with the slate of work that’s currently on his plate, chances are high that it’s a while off yet. I believe that the so-called “Teaser Poster” and “Script” that have been circling the web are a giant crock of shit, so don’t put much faith in either one just yet, mainly due to the fact that the script is being re-written as we speak. “The Jetsons”: This one’s had a lot of people attached to it over the years, mainly with Mike Myers set to star, but there is absolutely zilch-a-mundo happening on this one right now.

“Dukes Of Hazzard 2”: Jessica Simpson was promoting the film recently and hinted at the fact that there will be a second film, possibly set in England, but Johnny Knoxville spoke with Clint earlier and said that was a load of toss, but they are signed up for a sequel. Personally, I think the film was about as close to the TV series as you’re possibly gonna get for a big screen adaptation. “Jaws 5”: Chalk this one up to pure rumour status at the moment, I can’t see it happening though.

Why don’t Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin work together anymore, did they have a big fight? If not, why haven’t they worked together in so long? Will they ever work together again? Menace.

Hey Menace. I don’t think there’s anything really major behind Roland & Dean not frequently working together anymore, I think it’s just like the Weitz brothers, they’ve both got separate interests that they want to pursue, so they do it. But, you’ll be happy to know that they have re-teamed for the upcoming “One Nation”.

Why does God let bad things like Leonardo DiCaprio playing my favourite U.S. President happen? Andy.

Wait ‘til you see “The Departed”, and then tell me that you’re not a fan of Leo’s. It’s gonna change your mind about him 150%. Other than that, stop hailing Satan, and see if God mends his ways.

I think that “Rambo 4” will be based on the following book by Chuck Logan. ’After the Rain’ Synopsis

Nina Pryce and her husband, Phil Broker, couldn’t have more opposite views of the military. Broker’s loyalty to the men he served with in Vietnam is matched only by his certainty that they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Nina is a new breed, a decorated and ambitious vet of the first Gulf War.

Incommunicado for months as part of a top-secret Delta anti-terrorist operation, Nina suddenly emerges in a town in the heart of the old Minuteman II missile belt. When Broker arrives, he immediately discovers that the legacy of those warheads still casts a sinister shadow across the desolate north border country, in the person of a damaged psychopath. Broker discovers he’s been drawn into an elaborate con within a con and made an unwitting participant in a black-bag anti-terrorist detail. But his anger toward Nina for involving him and putting their daughter at risk quickly fades as a larger, more deadly reality becomes evident. With time running out, husband and wife unite with local North Dakota law enforcement to form a last line of defence against a brilliantly simple act of espionage with potentially catastrophic consequences. Mo.

I think the only thing that has potentially catastrophic consequences is making “Rambo 4”....

Hi, I was wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning back to films? I keep hearing that he is going to be doing “True Lies 2” and rumours of a “Commando 2”. Any truth to this if he will return to action films like he should? Thanks, Bobby.

Everything I’ve heard so far would suggest that Arnie will be returning to the Silver Screen once his stint as the “Governator” comes to a close, more than likely beginning with “True Lies 2” which James Cameron has just started to seriously discuss in the media. As far as “Commando 2” goes, I believe that they are planning a sequel, but from what’s been said around the camp-fire, Arnold himself isn’t attached to it in any capacity.

Just wondering is Steve Martin planning a “Father Of the Bride 3” in the near future? Paul.

Short answer is no, long answer is surprisingly the same. They were very successful films for Steve, but chances are the next sequel you’ll see with him in it is “Cheaper by The Dozen 2”.

Owww :( - Why do they have to make a “Scream 4”??? I actually thought "Scream" might be a horror franchise that didn’t get endless sequels... Is (Wes) Craven directing? Hopefully as (Neve) Campbell ain’t in, they’ll scrap the idea :D:D... What’s Campbell so busy with n e way??? Alex.

Wes had always said that he envisioned “Scream” as a trilogy, and has quite flatly ruled out the possibility of a “4” over the years. The newly formed Weinstein Co. had apparently been contemplating resurrecting the franchise, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that dies off pretty quickly. Neve has actually been a pretty busy girl as of late, starring in “When Will I Be Loved”, “Adina” & “The Death Of Harry Tobin” alongside Tim Roth.

Hi, Clint. I love your site. You get the news. You find out stuff first. That’s why I’m turning to you. What can you tell us about what Wes Bentley is doing now that ’Ghost Rider’ has wrapped filming? He was in Melbourne for ’GR’ so maybe one of your fine countrymen there heard something...? I’d love to know what I have to look forward to from Wes, and when! P.S. Say hi to that Weeksly guy. Frustrated.

Yeah, yeah, Hi Clint, aren’t you wonderful, such a lovely guy..... wait a minute! I’m that Weeksly guy! Kick-ass! Young Wes hasn’t been up to a lot lately outside of “Ghost Rider”, but he was in a top little flick called “The Game Of Their Lives”, which should be out here early in 2006.

Hey dudes, Just wondering when "Serenity" is coming to OZ? I have not heard or seen any advertising for this movie and then the studio will wonder why the hell this movie flopped. I am so sick of good movies and TV series "bombing" because of poor marketing (“Freaks and Geeks”, “Grosse Pointe”). Do movie studios not understand or do they just not care about some movies coz they can’t be arsed? Just a few bitter rantings cause I desperately want to watch “Serenity”. Waiting eagerly in Brisbane. RR

Not too much longer to wait, “Serenity” hits Australian screens on September 29th. You should also be happy to know that starting with Joss’ visit to Australia this week, there is going to be some pretty intensive media surrounding the release.

Awesome site! Your news is always the best! Anyway, enough flattery for now. What’s going on with the latest “Halloween” sequel? I heard they are taking it back to formula. Which would be a good thing instead of the last 2 travesties they’ve spawned. Jared.

I have to admit that I didn’t mind “H20”, and even to an extent “Resurrection” which was still a reasonable amount better than some of the other “sequels”. However, the latest “Halloween” film has been put well and truly on the backburner while the fallout continues from the “Dimension” / “Disney” split.

I am a big fan of collecting movies on DVD from my youth, particularly what are considered BAD 80’s movies that I loved. Two in particular stick out in my mind that I always enjoyed that just aren’t available. "If Looks Could Kill" with the forgotten Richard Grieco...and the stupid but amusing "The Monster Squad". (Funny enough that director Frank Dekker was involved in both films. How come these movies take so long to reach DVD? The Good Dr.

”If Looks Could Kill” I cannot find a single release outside of VHS anywhere, but given the fact that it was a monster flop isn’t going to help it’s cause too much. “The Monster Squad” has long been a favourite for a lot of people out there, but due to the rights issues that are tied up with the characters in the film, it’s really struggling to get any closer to a release. Again, you’ll probably only find an old copy on VHS somewhere.

I was just wondering if you could tell me when “Less Than Kind” is coming out and when the L.A. premiere will be. Thanks so much! Crystal.

Krystal, I’ve shot off a few e-mails on this one, ‘cause I can’t find a single thing about when Hayden Christensen’s latest is due to hit the big screen other than some time this year. As soon as I know something, you will too.

Any plans of a “DEMOLITION MAN” special edition? AB King.

AB! If anyone knew the answer to this, I would have thought it was you! I have heard something about a special edition of “Demolition Man” coming to DVD, but it’s nothing more concrete than a release during some point in 2006.

No more Bond stories please. I am SO TIRED of hearing about who is Bond and who isn’t Bond and who is Bond again and who isn’t Bond again that I am ready to just forget Bond ever existed. It’s too much already. I don’t want to hear another word about Bond until the cameras start rolling and they shoot footage. Until then PLEASE, I beg of you, NO MORE BOND POSTS!! Could you send this out to every entertainment website on the net as well? Thanks. ;) Scott.

Hey, did you hear that Pee-Wee Herman might be up for Bond? You’re picturing it right now, aren’t you? Here’s the thing with entertainment sites like the one you’re looking at right now: If the news comes out that someone is testing, or has been in negotiations for a major role, such as James Bond, we’ve got an obligation to our readers to make sure that you’re all up to date on the latest news. Unlike some other sites out there however, we try and keep the speculation to a minimal and only report on the things that we know to be factual, so as long as the fans are curious, we’ve gotta keep giving them what they want!

Clint, I see you have an "In Her Shoes" competition running, but wondering whether you’re going to have a ”Serenity" competition? How are these things decided? Also, were you at the Melbourne Q&A screening? Lexie5

Lexie5, we’ve got no plans at the moment to run a contest for “Serenity”, mainly due to the fact that it’s out in only 2 weeks time. The contests and prizes at Moviehole are really decided by what we think you guys & girls out there will enjoy, and we try to offer a big range of genres so that none of you feel left out in the end. Finally, Clint was indeed at the Q&A Melbourne screening of “Serenity”, and by all drunken reports, he had a kick-ass time with Joss.