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Joss Whedon - Who Will Be The New Wonder Woman ? Superhero remakes are everywhere

Sunday 22 January 2006, by Webmaster

Batman. Superman. Spiderman. The Fantastic Four. Daredevil. Hulk. Catwoman. If there’s one thing that cinema audiences seem to enjoy, it’s watching people with superhuman powers save the world from stupid bald people.

Next year, a new production of Wonder Woman (DVDs) will begin shooting. But a female lead actress hasn’t been chosen yet. Everyone... well, some people... OK, just us. We’re are asking "Who will be the next Wonder Woman?"

There have been some early Wonder Woman names thrown about. Sandra Bullock is a possible star, but original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter says she’s too old. As is Catherine Zeta-Jones, apparently, although Carter might be confusing her with her doddery old husband.

It’s assumed that a younger actress will take the role. Katie Holmes keeps being linked to the role. She’s undoubtedly more high-profile since she got together with Tom Cruise, but anyone who watched her cack-handedly dribble her way through her tiny role in Batman Begins might have been put off somewhat.

The film is being directed by Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon, so we can’t discount Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or that ginger girl. Or one of the others.

Who do you think will be the new Wonder Woman? Is Sandra Bullock too old to play the role? Do you even care? Leave your suggestions below.

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